Attack At Rock The South Being Looked Into


Attack At Rock The South Being Looked Into:

The Cullman Police Department says that one person was hurt when a fight broke out at the Rock the South music event on Saturday night.

Police stated they have seen several videos of the argument that have been shared on social media more than once, and they are using those videos to help them figure out what happened. At this point, there is only one known victim, but cops say that no official report has been made yet.

The CPD says that a report has been made about the “assault.” An probe is begun. The police department said that they are counting on the general population to help them find the people who did it.

The Producers Of Rock The South Said They Will Give A $10,000 Prize And Free Ticket Who Give The Information Regarding The Guilty Person:

The producers of Rock the South said that they will give a $10,000 prize and free tickets to the festival for life to anyone who gives information that leads to a conviction and arrest of the person as well as people who did the “physical assault.” A statement from Rock the South said that the person who died was Reid Watts.

The message said, “The Cullman Police Department knows about the fight that happened at Rock the South last night.” “A report has been made, and there is an investigation going on right now.”

Reid Watts, who was 18 years old, was named as the victim by the music event. Rock the South announced it has begun offering $10,000 and tickets to the event for life for information that leads to being apprehended and convicted of the people who are accused of assaulting someone.

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“The Cullman Police Department is looking at all footage taken at Rock the South near where the incident happened,” the festival said in a statement on Sunday. “These videos were taken by both people at the event and Rock the South cameras watching the festival.”

David Nassetta, the chief of police in Cullman, said that the event is being looked into and that charges could be made. He said that the District Attorney’s Office would decide whether to charge him with third-degree assault, which constitutes a misdemeanor, as well as second-degree assault.

Nassetta said that the police will “heavily rely” on people coming forward to name the people involved in the event. This could be done through eyewitness reports or by recognizing anyone in the video.

Leaders Stated That They Are Working With Local Police To Find Who Did This:

The leaders said that they are working alongside local police to find out who did this. They said that the CPD is looking at all the videos taken at Rock the South, which is near where the “physical assault” happened.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Kaci Howard said that her son had been hurt at the Rock the South event.

“Please assist me trace the cowards who hurt my son at Rock the South tonight. “Several grown men jumped on the man and beat him until he was unconscious while his partner stood there yelling for help,” said Howard.

“They kept beating him while he was lying upon the ground till security came as well as got Reid as well as Katie out of there and into an ambulance.

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He broke his nose, hit his head, got stitches, and has knots as big as softballs upon the back of his head. He had no idea it was coming. One of them stated he spilled a drink upon him, and they all attacked him at once.

Reid didn’t even have a drink within his hand. Anyone who has met Reid before knows what kind of guy he is.

He has never met a person he didn’t like, and he is able to get attached to anyone. He’s a good kid who didn’t deserve what happened to him. Please tell me about this and guide me find out who is to blame.

“One of them was about 6 feet tall and had long, curly hair. He wore a red, white, and blue hat, and there was a bigger man with a white shirt. I don’t know much about the rest of them, yet I know that a great deal of people noticed them, so an individual must know who these cowards are.”

“Please let me know or the Cullman Police know if you remember all of these guys,” Howard wrote.

Laura Quick, who is married to the festival’s founder Shane Quick, told  that there will be a $10,000 prize and lifetime tickets to the celebration for information that leads to a conviction and arrest of the people who did the attack.

This Is The 16th Act Within This Year:

This year’s three-night event had 16 acts, including stars Chris Stapleton, Riley Green, as well as Zach Bryan. In between sets, Dee Jay Silver played music.

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Saturday night, when the event was over, Shane Quick told the crowd that Rock the South had broken records for the number of people who came.

Shane Quick said, “This is the biggest rock that has ever been found in the South.” “There are people here from 13 different countries. Every state within the United States of America was here tonight.”

Watts said that a guy approached him regarding spilling a drink upon him, but Watts said that he was not drinking at the time. Watts said that they shook hands, but then he was hit within the center of the head as well as pushed to the floor a few minutes later. After that, he couldn’t remember anything.

Watts said he came up while being put into an ambulance, as well as his girlfriend phoned his mom. His mother, Kaci Howard, said she’s glad the event called out to check upon Watts as well as is giving a prize, but she hopes more will be done to make sure this doesn’t happen again.