Audiences Who Don’t Care Behind The Shocking New Horror Hit “Talk To Me,” There Is A Hand That Has Been Preserved


Audiences Who Don’t Care Behind The Shocking New Horror Hit “Talk To Me,” There Is A Hand That Has Been Preserved:

You can’t talk to them, you are unable to get them off their phones, as well as you’ll never get them to stop messing around utilizing a cursed mummified hand that lets them talk to the dead, am I right?

The Australian twin brothers Danny as well as Michael Philippou’s first film, Talk to Me, is based on the idea that if a group of neighborhood high school students met a mystery body part, what would happen?

Even though it was encased in clay and turned through a permanent claw, they did not tell the police, call a museum director, or tell their local priest as well as rabbi.

Instead, they would use it right away as if it were a magical version of a can of nitrous oxide. They would all take hits from it and post the results upon social media for laughs. The people who make these movies know their viewers too well.

We can tell right away that this five-digit, flying door to the future has bad luck because it starts with an introduction that ends with a bloody murder-suicide.

By the time Mia, her closest companion Jade, and Jade’s little brother Riley show up at a house party, this item has been held out as a double-dare ticket to quick popularity.

Which Mia, to be honest, could use. Her grief throughout the death of her mother has left her feeling disorganized. Jade dating Daniel, who used to be her crush, has made her a little irritable. And Hayley, who is hosting the party, thinks Mia is weird and a walking downer.

Talk To Me Wowed Crowds At Sundance And San Diego Comic-Con:

In Talk to Me, a recent horror hit that wowed crowds at Sundance as well as San Diego Comic-Con, a detached wrist summons scary ghosts. This image is so important to the movie that it’s the only one upon the official movie cover.

“It was in the second draft of the movie,” said co-director Danny Philippou. He and his twin brother, Michael, are working on their first feature film. For years, they made popular weird horror and comedy videos on YouTube under the name RackaRacka.

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Danny and Bill Hinzman wrote the first draft, which only had a placeholder an evil item that no one knew about. The thing was supposed to become a book at one point.

“The script was about human touch as well as connection everything the way through, so it just felt right.” It has always been there. And when we finally got it right during the second draft, it seemed like heaven.”

In Talk to Me, a group of Australian kids go through hell while playing with the cut, preserved hand of a powerful dead medium, which is a magical item.

By lighting a lamp, holding the other person’s hand, and saying “Talk to me,” they get a high from spirits that makes them feel drunk.

The catch is that if you stay under the spell for over ninety seconds, terrible things will happen, which, as you might guess, one of the stupid friends does in the end.

So she says that she’ll go first. Joss, who owns the object right now and is played by Chris Alosio, sets the rules. Whoever occupies the hot seat possesses to be tied down. They held the cable like they were shaking hands.

After Saying “Talk To Me” Everyone See Someone In The Room Who Is Not There Before:

Someone lit a candle. When the person states, “Talk to me,” they may all of a sudden see someone within the room who wasn’t there before, probably in a bad way.

Then comes the real surprise. If they have the courage to go one step further, they say, “I let you in.” And just like that, they are taken through whatever soul has been given the chance to take over a human body.

Just release before the 90-second point, and the next lucky applicant will get to do their demon job.

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The Philippous almost only used genuine effects for the shoot, like the instantly recognizable hand, which was so creepy that it scared the person who made it.

“It was strange. “The person who made the hand and worked on it stopped working on it after they gave it to me,” says Michael. “From what I hear, they had a bad time with it the evening before. That night, something took place. But they quit, which made us sad, so we said sorry.”

Audiences have also been afraid to death since the film’s debut at the 2022 Adelaide Film Festival in the brothers’ home country of Australia, as well as at Sundance, Berlin, SXSW, as well as San Diego Comic-Con.

Michael says that when the movie was shown in their home country, people were so excited. “People were fainting,” Danny says. “Some of the screenings have seen it happen. One scene is a little bit scary. So people are reacting by passing out.”

It’s exciting for these kids, yet you can tell that the makers are also getting a rush from making these scenes. The Philippou brothers got their start by putting videos on YouTube under the name RackaRacka. Now, they have a DIY style that is all their own.

Let’s simply state that a short such as Ronald McDonald’s Chicken Massacre is as gory, crazy, and happy as its name suggests. The early talk-to-the-hand scenes in Talk to Me have the same live-wire energy, whether someone is croaking out cryptic threats or making out with a bulldog by accident.

Even when things are getting worse, they keep that sparking feeling of energy going. Riley, who is the youngest of this group of kids, seems to want to see how tough he is.

Mia’s dead mother seems to be the spirit he brings in, or at least there are signs that it is. She wants to talk to her so much that she breaks the 90-second rule. And that’s when things really start to go wrong.

On the other hand, critics have been raving. Mark Kennedy of the Associated Press wrote, “There’s no doubt that the Philippou brothers had us in their grip.” “They were born as well as raised upon YouTube, and their first performance was great. Warmly welcome them, but don’t shake their hands.

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From here, the movie settles into a weird rhythm, with the group trying to figure out what happened when Riley tried his hand at evil hand-holding, if he might have let something into our world, and if the dead woman whispering sweet things to Mia’s ear isn’t something a little more sinister.

And it’s in the second half that you recognize that this is the first movie the brothers have ever made, even if it’s a good one, and that their excitement for chaos may be higher than their skills. Things like keeping the pace fast and keeping the energy up come and go.

And even though pain and loss have become a quick way to add weight to horror movie set pieces as well as jump scares, there are times when you can feel that the theme here is being pushed to the limit.

Upon Rotten Tomatoes Film Get 96% Approval:

The film, which was released by the arthouse hitmaker A24 Films, has a 96% approval rate on the review site Rotten Tomatoes, which is a very high number compared to other horror movies.

Talk to Me was additionally praised for its skilled, mostly unknown cast, especially lead actress Sophia Wilde as well as Joe Bird, who, according to one reviewer, gave “the best haunted act since Linda Blair within The Exorcist.”

“Talk to Me” isn’t perfect, but it’s close. It’s scary and sad, fast-paced and sometimes awkward.

When Mia and Riley sing Sia’s “Chandelier” within a car for a brief moment of happiness before slamming to a stop next to a dying kangaroo, we can feel that something bad is going to happen. Wherever this trip takes her, it seems like she’s been going there for a long time.