Austin Majors, A Star Of “NYPD Blue,” Died After Taking Too Much Fentanyl


Austin Majors, A Star Of “NYPD Blue,” Died After Taking Too Much Fentanyl:

The reason why former “NYPD Blue” kid star Austin Majors died has been found out. The 27-year-old star died because he took too much fentanyl.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office released the results of the autopsy on Tuesday. They show that Majors died of accidental fentanyl poisoning. In February, Majors died within a place for homeless people.

The Young Actor Started Out On The Drama Series On ABC:

The young actor started his career by appearing in 48 episodes of the ABC drama series alongside David Caruso as well as Dennis Franz. Theo Sipowicz was the son of Andy Sipowicz, who was played by Franz.

“Austin Majors is a person who was creative, smart, and kind. Austin was very happy and proud of his job as an actor. Since he was a child, he never met a stranger, as well as his goal throughout his existence was to make folks happy, his family said within a statement.

“Austin was a type of child, siblings, grandson, as well as nephew who made us proud, so we will remember him deeply forever,” family members said.

Austin’s Sister Kali Raglin Shared Her Fondest Memories:

In February, his sister Kali Raglin posted her own message on Instagram. She said that “her favorite memories alongside Austin were growing upon set alongside him, volunteering at events alongside “Kids With a Cause,” and backpacking together.”

“Austin, my older brother, has died. Last night, he died,” she wrote. “I can’t believe it. He was only 27, so he still had a lot of life to live. Some of you already know, but if you want to use his skills, please get in touch.

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At the moment of his passing in February, Majors was living at a place for homeless people in Los Angeles. His home was marked as the place where he died.

Majors Was In Seven Installments Of The Popular TV Show “NYPD Blue”:

Majors was on the hit show “NYPD Blue” for seven seasons, which led to guest roles on shows like “According to Jim,” “American Dad!,” “Desperate Housewives,” “An Accidental Christmas,” as well as “How I Met Your Mother.”

Dennis Franz, who worked with the character on “NYPD Blue,” is “shocked” to hear regarding his death. “Austin was always an absolute delight to have on set; he made everyone smile and laugh,” Franz told Fox News Digital in a statement from the past.

Franz Always Greets Austin With The Special Song:

“During the 12 years that ‘NYPD Blue’ has been on, some of the best moments have been with ‘Sipowicz’ and ‘Theo.'” I would sing “It’s Austin Majors’ Day” to the tune of “Howdy Doody Time” every day that Austin went to work.

Between 1999 and 2004, he was within 48 episodes of the Emmy-winning show as a kid actress. He also had roles in ER, NCIS, According to Jim, Desperate Housewives, as well as How I Met Your Mother, all of which are well-known shows.

Austin Posted A Picture Of His SAG-AFTRA Membership Card, Which Said That He Had Been A Member Since 2000:

His work didn’t just include TV shows; he also had parts in movies like An Accidental Christmas as well as Treasure Planet. In September 2020, Majors posted a picture of his SAG-AFTRA card, which showed that he had been a member since the year 2000.

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He wrote in the description of his post that he had been a member for 20 years, “Woah! I just paid my SAG dues and found out that I’ve been a member for 20 years. What a lovely trip it’s been! I never thought I’d still be living after all these years, let alone what this would mean.

My first union job was making an ad for Bounty Paper Towels, the fast picker upper! haha I’m proud/stunned by what seems to be a time-warp, and the trip still feels like it’s just getting started. Keep it real, bro.”