Avira antivirus also allows mining Ethereum if we activate the option: it joins Norton and Avast is already in the spotlight


A few days ago we told you about the controversial Norton antivirus option, which allows us to mine cryptocurrencies through its application. Although it is an issue that can cause rejection among the masses, the issue is aggravated when there are users who they report that the miner is installed and used even if you do not activate it, and that the company keeps a 15% commission of what is obtained. Now the NortonLifeLock group does the same with the free Avira antivirus.

The company appears to be promoting this feature as an alternative revenue stream, and now expands your service at Avira, the free antivirus of the eponymous company that was acquired by Norton in January 2021. This antivirus currently has a base of 500 million users, and everything indicates that this new option benefits the company more than its own users. We tell you why.

Without too much detail, everything indicates that it works similar to Norton

The procedure is very similar to Norton’s. And it is an option that Avira ensures that it is disabled by default. To make use of it, just activate it, and if our equipment meets the requirements, will start mining Ethereum. The income will need to be saved to a Coinbase account.

It boasts of having a farm of GPUs mining cryptocurrencies and it goes wrong: they find its location on the Internet

If we go to its FAQ section, Avira does not detail what type of hardware is needed to make use of this option or the commissions that apply. In Norton, a graphics card with a minimum of 6GB of video memory is required to access this option, and the commissions are 15%.

Everything indicates that Avira uses the same Norton software for cryptocurrency mining, so it is likely that you did not meet much of its requirements. The most curious thing about all this is that other security platforms detect Avira as malicious software, something quite ironic and that also happens with Norton.

Avast in the spotlight

Avast is another antivirus acquired by NortonLifeLock, and the possibility that you also join this initiative is present. Maintaining a team to mine cryptocurrencies can be somewhat unprofitable if we take into account our energy consumption at home. Commissions must also be taken into account, as we will not be able to earn income until we have enough ETH to meet that expense. To this must be added the degradation of the components, having to be in operation for a long time to perform complex calculations.


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