Axel Kicillof and Sergio Berni spoke of urgency after the death of a fan during the incidents in La Plata

The governor seeks to clarify what happened (NA)
The governor seeks to clarify what happened (NA)

After a fan of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata died of cardiac arrest this Thursday night during the disturbances in the interrupted match against Boca Juniors, the governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, spoke with part of his Cabinet to evaluate the situation and the steps to follow.

The passing of César “Lolo” Regueiro56, caused concern in the provincial president, who immediately called his security ministers, Sergio Berniand Health, Nicolás Kreplakin addition to the mayor of La Plata, Julius Garro.

According to what he was able to find out InfobaeSince the first incidents between the Buenos Aires Police and the fans who wanted to enter the “Lobo” stadium were recorded, Kicillof began to find out what was happening and asked his team to determine what happened.

César "Lolo" Regueiro, the deceased Gymnastics fan (Capture TN)
César “Lolo” Regueiro, the deceased Gymnastics fan (Capture TN)

The governor seeks to know reliably how the events unfolded and exactly how many wounded there are, both on the part of the spectators and the security forces, since there would be injured soldiers.

“My condolences to the family and friends of César Reguerio, a worker at the Municipality of La Plata. RIP”Garro wrote on his official Twitter account.

According to the first information that emerged, the problems began when the capacity of the field had been completed before the game that the La Plata team was about to play at home against Boca, but there were still supporters who wanted to enter.

The meeting between two great protagonists of the Professional League was interrupted when the players began to feel the effects of the tear gas launched by the Buenos Aires police due to clashes outside the field, and which spread to the playing field.

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A probable overselling of tickets was what motivated the fans who were left without their ticket to try to force entry. For this reason, the authorities began to close the access doors and this caused the desperation of the fans who wanted to enter anyway because they had paid for their tickets.

Fans entered the field when the gases began to invade the stands (Télam)
Fans entered the field when the gases began to invade the stands (Télam)

For this reason, The police began to contain them with rubber bullets and tear gas, which entered from the vicinity of the stadium, affecting several players, members of the coaching staff and the public itself, who panicked.

The referee Hernan Mastrangelo He gave the order for the protagonists to return to the locker room, while many spectators, affected by the gas, entered the pitch to get away from the focus of the conflict and seek air.

In that framework, César Regueiroa Gimnasia fan who was 57 years old, died of cardiac arrest while being transferred in an ambulance to the San Martín hospital, after being evacuated from the stadium in the midst of the riots.

The death was caused by a sudden death. He arrived at the San Martín hospital, they tried to revive him without success. He was a regular on the field. He had a cardiac history. He was leaving the stadium, decompensated and died. The confirmation of the cause of death arises from the subsequent medical review,” he said. Sergio BerniBuenos Aires Minister of Security.

In addition, on the outskirts of the field, a cameraman from the channel TyC Sports, Ferdinand Rivero, was injured when he received three rubber bullets while covering the incidents. “He saw me and threw me, I was next to him”explained the victim in the program High pressure.

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“I was recording. They were repressing and a policeman turned around and shot me three rubber bullets in the groin. It still hurts and burns.”reported the press worker.


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