Babylon’s Fall is already gold: hack & slash faces the final stretch two months after its launch


The collaboration between Square Enix and Platinum Games has starred in more than one controversy since its announcement.

Babylon’s Fall has stood out, but bad. Its first trailer disappointed a good part of the community, the closed beta has not left a good taste among the participants and reused animations from Final Fantasy XIV have been found. In short, there is Lots of doubts around the launch of this collaboration between Square Enix and Platinum Games, but now we have a very clear certainty: the game is already gold.

Platinum Games is already working on the day 1 patchThis was announced by Square Enix in a broadcast dedicated to its next hack & slash, echoed by Gematsu (via Games Talk). Therefore, it seems that Babylon’s Fall is already complete and preparing for its mass distribution. After all, this installment has its release date scheduled for the March 3rd, which leaves a margin of two months for the resolution of unforeseen problems.

Babylon's Fall

In addition, the media points out that Platinum Games is also working on the day 1 patch, so it is very possible that, as is usual in the industry, we will have to download an update to play Babylon’s Fall for the first time. As for this novelty, no details have been given around the size of the patch or the specific goals you are pursuing.

Thus, Platinum Games still the finish line for the premiere of a game that, although it has not received good reviews in its early days, has not stopped improving graphically. An effort that is complemented by the different trailers that present the enemies, bosses and combat mechanics that will star in the hack & slash. From 3DJuegos we could not predict the future of this installment, as we told you in our first impressions of Babylon’s Fall that it could have an uncertain horizon.

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