Bachelor Star Clayton Echard Served With Paternity Suit From Supposedly Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend


Bachelor Star Clayton Echard Served With Paternity Suit From Supposedly Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend:

According to court documents obtained, the Bachelor star is being urged to take a paternity test through a 33-year-old podcaster from Scottsdale, Arizona, although he denies they had sexual relations.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, filed the lawsuit upon August 1, alleging she is pregnant with twins as a result of “sexual activity” alongside Echard on May 20. The woman stated that the twins are scheduled for February 2024.

A woman who wished to remain anonymous alleged in court papers obtained by upon Monday, September 18 that Echard, 30, was responsible for her pregnancy following a one-night affair.

Before The Birth Of Her Twins, The 33-Year-Old Woman Demands That Echard Submit To A Paternity Test:

Echard, however, asserted in a statement to the publication, “We did not engage in sexual activity.” Meanwhile, the 33-year-old mother is asking that Echard undergo a paternity test prior to the February birth of her twins.

According to the 1 August filing, the expectant woman “engaged within sexual activity” alongside Echard upon May 20.

According to the documents obtained, the woman stated that she “hadn’t been alongside anyone since March of 2022” as well as Echard, 30, ended things the morning following their alleged night together.

In August, Echard Allegedly Consented To Take A Paternity Test, According To The Woman:

She claimed that she sent Echard copies of her pregnancy test results, alleging that he did not believe her and that they had only engaged in oral intercourse. The next day, he purportedly sent her a message that read, “I wished you to come over to corroborate what I had doubts about.

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And you have verified that. So, I no longer view you as a liar, according to court documents. The woman claims Echard consented to take a paternity test within August but “refused” to do so after she paid a $725 deposit.

Echard, however, told that he has been requesting a paternity test paid for by the woman in order to resolve her claims, adding that he is “not giving” the woman’s claims “the time of day” because they are “without merit.”

She Deposited $725 For The Paternity Test:

She stated within her lawsuit that she “provided more than 50 times within writing” for Echard to undergo a paternity test. They allegedly arranged a visit for August 23, for which she gave a $725 deposit, but it was canceled because of Echard’s “reluctance to participate,” according to the complainant.

Echard demanded a “court-ordered paternity test” to be paid for by the woman in his August 21 response, which was obtained. According to court documents, he stated that the case lacked merit and was without basis because they “never had sexual relations.”

“My response appears in the court documents,” he stated in reference to his petition filed on August 21. “I’m not going to give it any consideration because it lacks foundation. We did not engage in sexual activity.” On September 28, the parties are scheduled to appear in court for a quick settlement conference.

Echard Selected Susie Evans As His Final Rose, However, She Refused It:

Echard was first introduced to the public in 2021, when he competed upon season 18 of The Bachelorette. He became the Bachelor for the 26th season. Echard chose Susie Evans to be his final rose at the conclusion of the performance, but she declined.

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The evaluation is slated for September 26. On September 28, Echard and the victim will return to court for a quick resolution conference.

In 2021, Echard debuted on The Bachelorette for Michelle Young’s season. He went on to feature within season 26 of The Bachelor, in which Susie Evans rejected him following a chaotic finale. After the program, Evans as well as Echard rekindled their relationship, but they parted up in September 2022.