Back 4 Blood dates its second expansion along with new enemies, weapons, playable character and more news


Children of the Worm will arrive this August including Act 5 of the campaign.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood was launched last year with clear intentions to gain a foothold in the market. After months it has already received a first expansion, but it is known that it will receive more content. Turtle Rock has announced that Back 4 Blood will receive its expansion later this month, specifically on the day August 30 to start September in the best possible way.

The second expansion of Back 4 Blood will arrive on August 30The official Twitter account for Back 4 Blood has reported the news that this second expansion will bring called Children of the Worm. The main novelty is the Campaign Act 5 that comes along with a new playable character named Dan, nicknamed as Prophet. Other interesting implementations are the two new weaponsone of them is a bear trap and the other is a modified sniper rifle.

There will also be a new class of enemiesthis time they will not be zombies but humans. It can be seen that the new threats will be a person who has snipera man who will throw bottles of acida person who wears a arco and, finally, a robust man with Wolverine claws.

In addition to that, Children of the Worm will also bring 16 new cosmetics for the game, 8 skins for the characters and another 8 to leave the weapon as we like. Back 4 Blood was released on October 12, 2021 with the clear intention of being a worthy sucesor de Left 4 Dead. In review of Back 4 Blood we address your ambitions.

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