Balan Wonderworld director sued Square Enix: “they don’t care about the games or the fans”


Yuji Naka was fired 6 months before the game’s release, though he couldn’t explain anything until now.

Update 05/13/2022: as shared by the Bloomberg journalist Takashi MochizukiSquare Enix has confirmed the claim of Yuji Nata, but has not offered statements. However, he has commented in a question session with investors that it is a game “What do you recommend for sure?“.

Balan Wonderworld was one of those games that, although it was designed to be played with the little ones, contained a combination of lights, colors and melodies that captured the interest of all kinds of players. Unfortunately, users found a title full of technical problems, something that affected even its demo. In short, a disaster that affected the reputation of its director Yuji Nakaknown for also being the father of Sonic.

The court case is now over and the order is no longer effective at this timeYuji NakaDespite this, we now discover the truth behind this terrible launch: Naka was fully aware that the game it wasn’t finished, but Square Enix did not listen to the director’s warnings. This led to the sudden professional farewell 6 months before the premiere of Balan Wonderworld, as revealed by Naka himself in a Twitter thread.

It’s a real shame that Balan Wonderworld was released as a work in progressYuji NakaThanks to the translation of the well-known tweeter Nibelwe can read a first outline of the story told by Naka: “About 6 months before the release of Balan Wonderworld, the order to fire me as director was issued, so I filed a lawsuit against Square Enix. The court case has already ended and the order is no longer effective at this time, “says Naka in his thread.

Throughout his explanation, Naka reflects on what happened and thinks that “a game is something that is made striving to the end, and hoping that fans will enjoy it when they buy it. I don’t have enough time for the director to comment, so I think it’s strange to say that he wouldn’t involve me at all without consulting him.” He follows up with an apology to all players who have purchased Balan Wonderworld.

Balan Wonderworld

“For me, it’s a real shame that Balan Wonderworld was released as an unfinished job. I wanted to release it as an action game in a proper way considering several things. I think Square Enix and Arzest are companies that I They don’t care about the games or the fans“.

Let us remember that Yuji Naka left Square Enix shortly after the release of Balan Wonderworld and, although at the time he could not tell us anything about what happened, now we know the reasons behind this problem. After all, the publisher had no qualms about releasing a game that, as you can read in our review of Balan Wonderworld, it does not measure up in practically any of its sections.

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