“Bandito”: the Italian version of “Muchachos” created by the Curva Sud del Milan in honor of the viral theme of the Argentine fans at the World Cup in Qatar

Milan’s version of ‘Muchachos’

He World Cup Qatar 2022 left moments to remember with the third consecration of Argentina. One of the images that traveled the world was the massive amount of fans albicelestes who traveled to the Middle East to accompany those led by Lionel Scaloni. The FIFA got supporters for the award The Best to the best fans and in different parts of the planet they are already beginning to imitate the most sung theme throughout the highest soccer competition: boys‘ from The Fly.

Last Saturday at the stadium U-Power of Monza it premiered a new song of South Curve to encourage the AC Milancomposed with the melody and structure of the song that was played over and over again, mainly in the Lusail Iconic Stadium Doha where Argentina played five of their seven games. The social networks of the bar Rossoneri posted a video where they showed the premiere in one of the internal areas of the venue before the start of the match corresponding to the date 23 of the A league.

One of the leaders climbed on the hallway wall with a megaphone in hand and led the beat of the song. When the chorus came with ‘Bandito’ instead of ‘Boys’, Milan fans gathered in a massive pogo that demonstrated the positive reception that the chant had in the public. Next Sunday, February 26, the defending champion of the local championship will receive the Atalanta in it Giuseppe Meazza and it will be the first time that it will play in the historic stadium.

The new song will be heard in the Giuseppe Meazza stands in the next game against Atalanta (Photo: Reuters)
The new song will be heard in the Giuseppe Meazza stands in the next game against Atalanta (Photo: Reuters)

Meanwhile, the Italian version had a good impact on the players as Milan beat Monza 1-0 with a goal from junior messiah and basted his third consecutive victory to re-enter the zone of Champions League. In addition, he defeated by the minimum also the Tottenham Hotspur for the first leg of the round of 16 of the highest club tournament in Europe and takes a valuable advantage over England on March 8.


From when I was little, I fell in love with you

My pounding heart, don’t ask me why

I can’t explain it to you, you’ll never understand

How beautiful Milan is, how good it is to be us

I will always be there, when Milan plays

Like when I was a kid and I saw him with dad


A life with the devil, the red and black scarf

I will proudly carry

And proud, that I have only chosen you

Every day in life, there is nothing more beautiful

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