Bank News: Will there be a charge to withdraw money from banks and deposit it? Know what is the truth of this news …


Bank News Today: In the news that was going viral on social media, it was being claimed that now money will have to be given even after depositing and withdrawing money in banks. It was told in the news that many banks, including Bank of Baroda, have changed the rules related to any transaction. Apart from this, this rule will also apply to Jan Dhan accounts. However, when the news was investigated, these facts came out wrong. Explain that the Bank of Baroda had decided to change some rules, although due to Corona crisis, now it has backed down from its decision. Also Read – Loan Moratorium: Banks started returning ‘Interest on Interest’ amount to the accounts of the borrowers

PIB Fact Check, operated by the government, tweeted, a media report has claimed that some big public sector banks have decided to increase their charges for cash deposits and cash withdrawals in savings accounts. This claim is false. The said banks have not taken any decision to increase the cash deposit and cash withdrawal charges in savings accounts.

PIB Fact Check, operated by the government, tweeted that the Bank of Baroda has informed that cash deposits and cash withdrawal charges have not been increased in savings accounts.

Apart from this, in another tweet from PIB Fact Check, it was also said that the claim being made by taking Jan Dhan account is also wrong. The tweet said, this claim is false. There is no charge for free banking services of Jan Dhan accounts. RBI guidelines are strictly followed in this context.

On the other hand, the Finance Ministry has also clarified that no public sector bank has increased the service fee. The ministry issued a statement saying that no public sector bank has increased the service fee. Even Bank of Baroda has decided to withdraw the changes related to free cash deposit transactions in a bank account every month.

The ministry said that from November 1, 2020, Bank of Baroda had made some changes in the number of free cash deposits and withdrawals every month. The bank reduced five-five free deposit and withdrawal transactions to three each in each month. The bank did not make any change in the charges for transactions beyond the number of free transactions. The ministry said, “Now the Bank of Baroda has informed that it has decided to withdraw these changes in view of the current situation related to Kovid-19. Apart from this, no other public sector bank has increased the charges.


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