Barakamon Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Barakamon Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Slice-of-life is Barakamon’s primary genre. Let’s discuss the Barakamon anime viewing sequence. Barakamon is a charming animation with a simplified story.

There isn’t a spectacular narrative, mind-blowing action, or a dramatic growth in the anime.

Despite everything, Barakamon has a narrative that will hold your attention and warm your heart.

The characters’ realism and the protagonist’s natural relationships with his environment are endearing.

The subject of what order to watch the three seasons of Barakamon anime is often asked.

Does it follow a separate time line? Can Handa-Kun be seen before Barakamon?

Does Handa-Kun give away anything about Barakamon? In this article, each of these queries is further addressed.

The story centres on a conceited protagonist who, when placed in challenging circumstances, comes to understand himself and others around him.

Seishu Handa constitutes a brilliant, attractive, and irritable calligrapher who is 23 years old.

He gives his craft his whole devotion and places a high value on it. His award-winning artwork was once described as “unoriginal” by a seasoned gallery curator.

Handa, who is already irritable and egotistical, becomes upset by this remark and eventually punches the curator. His father plans to detain him on Goto island because he is upset about what he did.

Satsuki Yoshino is the author and illustrator of the Japanese comic series Barakamon, which chronicles the exploits of Seishu Handa, a skilled calligraphy.

The first appearance of the series was in the February 2009 edition of Square Enix’s well-known magazine “Gangan Online.”

The first volume came out on July 22, 2009, and as of December 2018, a total of 18 tank-bon volumes has been released.

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Yen Press for North America has the series’ licence and published the first book on October 28, 2014.

Barakamon Season 2 Release Date

Released from July 8, 2016, Barakamon season 1 lasted till September 23, 2016.

In a relatively short amount of time, the series, which has predetermined episodes, garnered a huge following among viewers.

They have several inquiries about Barakamon season 2. We are now able to provide the most eagerly expected update about Barakamon season 2 after the fans and watchers waited for it for many days.

The fact that this anime series ended with so few episodes in compared to other anime series naturally makes fans more interested in season 2.

Barakamon season 2 is eagerly anticipated by the viewers and enthusiasts who have committed their time to the Barakamon series.

There has been no cancellation or renewal of Barakamon season 2. The continuation of Equin season 2 has not been announced.

Although there is a good likelihood that we will hear anything about Barakamon season 2 during the next month, we were unable to make any predictions since neither the creators nor the producers had dropped any clues.

Therefore, the release of Barakamon season 2 will be delayed.

Barakamon Season 2 Cast

Seishu Handa, the book’s main character and professional calligraphy, gets banished from Tokyo following losing his temper over a pointless matter.

He characterises his professional display to a visiting curator as “at best awful” but “at worst uninteresting.” What happens when one is unable to take criticism is this.

His mother decides to move him to a small town close to Kyushu out of wrath.

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He is having to get used to his fresh surroundings due to his rural home’s limited amenities and loud neighbours.

His relationships with them are emphasised, and the anime shows how close she is to them.

Barakamon Season 2 Trailer

Barakamon Season 2 Plot

Seishu Handa, the main character of Barakamon, is a passionate calligrapher whose mother kicks him out for being overly harsh regarding a curator who critiqued his work.

Seishu, despite his cool attitude and eagerness to help others, lost his cool when a curator described his paintings as unoriginal and uninteresting. He loses control of his anger and hits the guy.

On the other hand, his mother is outraged and banishes him to a sleepy town on a distant island that is all but shut off from the outside world.

She believes that her kid will be able to concentrate on his job without feeling forced to lash out at others thanks to the tranquilly and peace of the surroundings.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Seishu gathers his possessions and exits the house.

Seishu, who was born and raised in Tokyo, has no idea what rural life is like upon his first arrives on the island.

He was surprised to find himself in a strange Kyushu town where the locals had strange accents.

He also finds that, in contrast to his opulent contemporary lifestyle, his house is bare-bones.

He receives a visit from Naru, a young girl who makes it her goal to harass him to make his life miserable, at this time.

He asks a few of his neighbours to help him move his belongings into the new house since he is frustrated and exhausted.

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The two parties had never spoken to one another before.

Barakamon is an extremely original and creative plot. The plot and its characters have exalted the love and enthusiasm for art and culture.

It tells the tale of an artist that excels at what he does. No one in the nation is born capable of opposing his efforts.

For his artwork, he was given several accolades and publications.

But since his work is so competent, lovely, and vibrant, the higher authorities felt envious of him as well punished him unfairly.

Seishuu is a calligraphy; no one in the nation can match his talent or dedication to the craft.

Along with being an artist, he is also appealing to others around him and has a decent appearance.

One veteran sobbed in jealously when he saw his success and way of life.

He berated his accolades and positions. As a result, he lost his composure and began to struggle with the veteran.

He was penalised for this altercation with the veteran, whom he had exiled to a faraway island.

He is left to fend for himself on that island since no one he has ever met or begged for assistance from is there.

He produced a life-filled, crack-head kid on this island. Naru is his name.

Both of them became friends, and while they were friends, they began to have new perspectives on the world.

It is a voyage of friendship and a deeper understanding of the world for them.