Barbie Makes $1.34 Billion And Will Be WB’s Most Successful Movie Ever


Barbie Makes $1.34 Billion And Will Be WB’s Most Successful Movie Ever:

On Monday, “Barbie” is expected to generate more money around the world than “Harry Potter as well as the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” for Warner Bros.

It made $18.2 million over the weekend from 12,852 screens within 75 foreign countries, bringing its total global earnings to a whopping $1.34 billion.

It still keeps breaking records. It looks like “Barbie” will soon pass “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” at the world box office to become the best movie of the year.

And then there’s Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” which has made $29.1 million from 7,555 screens in 82 countries. It’s getting close to the $800 million mark at the worldwide box office.

Oppenheimer Made $777 Million All Over The World:

So, the biography regarding J. Robert Oppenheimer as well as the development of the atomic bomb earned a huge $777 million worldwide, which is a huge number for a serious R-rated drama. A first show in China is coming up.

“Gran Turismo” from Sony made an extra $11 million, bringing its total worldwide earnings to just over $53 million. The racing movie took first place at the local box office with $17.3 million, but “Barbie” may end up taking the top spot when all the numbers are in.

“Meg 2: The Trench” made an additional $15,240,000 from 16,224 screens in 77 international countries. Its total earnings are now $352.5 million.

Other Hollywood movies have been having trouble in China lately, but “Meg 2” has done very well there, making $112.9 million.

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This Weekend, Blue Beetle Made $10 Million:

Warner Bros. put out the movie about a shark from the beginning of time, just like it did alongside “Blue Beetle,” which was based on a DC cartoon.

The superhero movie made about $10 million over the weekend in 71 foreign countries and on 10,421 screens, according to estimates.

The movie has made $81.8 million around the world, which is a low amount for a film that cost over $100 million to make.

Should There Be More Barbie?

This is a question that is going to be asked a lot within the near future, and director Greta Gerwig has already answered it.

Barbie was a rare success, and the movie’s subversive take upon the Mattel doll made it a hit when it came out.

It got a little help from the “Barbenheimer” movement among movie fans. This is the same thing that helped Christopher Nolan hit new heights with Oppenheimer, a movie that seemed like it would only do okay at the box office right now.

Gerwig Said She Doesn’t Have Any Ideas For Another Movie Right Now:

Gerwig said a few weeks ago that she doesn’t have any quick plans for a sequel to Barbie. However, she later said that she might want to go back to Barbie’s world at a later date. She had said before

Gerwig is getting ready to do Netflix’s version of The Chronicles of Narnia within the next few years. This may be the only reason she is not thinking regarding a Barbie movie right now.

Hot Wheels As Well As Polly Pocket Are Also In Race To Make More Toy Based Movie:

But there are a lot of companies that are making more “toy-based” movies, and Hot Wheels as well as Polly Pocket are at the top of many studios’ priority lists.

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Whether or not it’s the right thing to undertake is up for debate, but once a single-track train starts moving, it is hard to stop it till it derails itself.