Barbie Will Be The Number One Movie In The US In 2023


Barbie Will Be The Number One Movie In The US In 2023:

A month after it came out, it’s clear that Barbie has grown into a huge part of culture. Even though everyone knew it would be a hit, it’s impossible to think that anyone could have predicted that it would pass 2008’s The Dark Knight to be Warner Bros.’ highest-grossing film in the U.S. in the last week.

In a year where blockbusters have had very different levels of success, the movie business really needed a hit like this. But it’s clear already that Barbie is teaching companies the wrong things.

With the recent announcement that a Hot Wheels movie will be made, it looks like directors think movies regarding toys are the next big thing.

But this doesn’t take into account all the important things that contributed to Barbie’s cultural effect. If studios fail to recall how bad it has been for them in the past to adapt toys for television, they risk making the same mistakes again.

The Movie About Super Mario Bros. Made $574 Million, As Well As Barbie Has Made $575,4 Million In The United States.

The most money that Barbie has made in the U.S. is $575,4 million, while the most that The Super Mario Bros. Movie has made in the U.S. is $574 million.

Also, “Barbie has made $1.3 billion worldwide and will soon pass Mario’s $1.35 billion worldwide to become 2023’s biggest worldwide release.”

Barbie has already surpassed Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie as Warner Bros.’ highest-grossing domestic title. It’s also on track to break the studio’s global record of $1.34 billion, which was set by Harry Potter as well as the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in 2011.

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Even though the digital release of Barbie is coming up soon, it’s still a big deal in theaters, and the one-week IMAX release in September with what Gerwig called “special new footage” ought to keep the pink-clad crowds coming.

Mattel Has Given The OK For 14 Movies Based On Toys:

Now that Mattel has given the go-ahead for 14 movies based on toys, including versions of Rock Em, Sock Em Robots, the Magic 8 Ball, as well as the card game Uno, it’s clear that the company has taken incorrect lessons from Barbie’s growth. All of them are in different stages of making.

J.J. Abrams is making the Hot Wheels movie for Warner Bros., Vin Diesel is making and acting in Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots for Universal, and rapper Lil Yachty will be in an action heist movie called Uno. But none of these facts explain how Barbie made more than a billion dollars.

Since Barbie has broken a lot of records, including being the highest-grossing female-directed picture in the U.S., movie companies aren’t looking at the bigger picture, which is that movies about women can be very successful in Hollywood.

Barbie Does Not Shy Away From Showing How Hard It Is For Women To Live In Today’s World:

Barbie doesn’t shy away from showing how hard it is to be a woman within today’s society, as well as viewers have responded to those scenes extremely positively. This is a win for women in Hollywood as a whole.

The fact that Barbie did so well shows that people want more movies regarding women that have feminist themes. If companies want to do as well at the box office as Barbie did, they should make more movies about women that are made by women instead of toys.

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Unfortunately, Hollywood fails to recover from its mistakes, as well as Barbie isn’t the sole time movie companies have taken the wrong lesson from a great female-led film. Wonder Woman came out in 2017 and has a score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It made $822 million internationally.

Captain Marvel Made $1.1 Billion:

Then, in 2019, Captain Marvel came out, which was made by Marvel Studios. Even though it didn’t do as well with critics as Wonder Woman, it nevertheless grossed $1.1 billion.

Even though these movies form a component of big, long-running series, they still made a greater profit than the majority of the other movies in their film worlds.

Aside from Wonder Woman 1984 as well as the soon-to-be-released The Marvels, the MCU as well as DCU never really took advantage of the success of movies led by women.

The MCU Put Out Black Widow, Which Didn’t Have Much Of A Chance To Do Well:

Birds of Prey came out in 2020, but Supergirl is the only other female-led DC movie that has been revealed. Black Widow was released by the MCU. It came out throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as well as was also released on Disney+ on the same day.

She-Hulk as well as Ms. Marvel were also made by Marvel, yet both are streaming-only TV shows. Even though there are a lot of future MCU movies, only The Marvels will be lead by a woman, and the brand is still dominated by men.