Batman Beyond voice director encourages fans to request a new series or movie


The casting and dubbing director of Batman Beyond has encouraged fans to start a campaign if they want to see more of the franchise, in series or on film., to encourage the team to get down to work.

During IGN Fan Fest 2021, fan Max McMillan asked if we could look forward to a new Batman Beyond season or a short-term movie. While the cast shrugged, voice director Andrea Romano gave a hopeful response:

“It will depend on what the fans ask until Warner Bros thinks it would be silly not to. So they have to start a kind of campaign and let them know what we want. Because we would like to do it, it would be a lot of fun: we are all still available. So yes, please, and thank you. “

The panel was very exciting as episode 5 of season 3 was played in full. Romano explained that the cast and crew love the episode because of how they had to manage to turn a joke about making a Batman musical into reality. This also allowed the voice of one character, that of young Bruce Wayne, to make a brief comeback.

They were also asked what their favorite episodes were with responses including “The Call” (which set up the Justice League animated series) and “The Eggbaby” (for its focus on real-life teenagers).

The real question waiting to be answered is whether the team will be able to ask new episodes of Batman Beyond in the future. Hopefully one day we’ll see more of Terry McGinnis. Will it depend on us as they have said?

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