Battlefield 2042 acknowledges its mistake by applying a drastic change, in addition to dating season 1


Advance mode is reduced from 128 to 64 players with the 4.1 update, now available on PC and consoles.

Those responsible for Battlefield 2042 continue to fight against all odds to reverse the complicated situation in which the game finds itself. The war shooter of DICE y Electronic Arts has seen the number of users drop in recent months, but it continues to receive updates and new content to prevent that from happening.

The last patch, the 4.1is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and it brings numerous adjustments along with a very striking change: Breakthrough mode reduces your players from 128 to 64. This is something that has been mentioned before as a possible change, but DICE has already adjusted the rotation of All-Out Warfare with changes to their maps.

According to DICE itself, the 128-player mode is more suitable for Conquest, where the playing spaces are larger. They recognize their error in Advance, since they ensure that with 64 players it is represented a more tactical and less chaotic experiencewithout reducing the value and impact of each person and patrol.

Battlefield 2042

They believe that 128 players create chaos in Advance mode“As a result, Advance 64 patrols have a better chance of working as a team, flanking the enemy, setting up a spawn beacon, using the Weapon menu to attach silencers, clearing and defending a point… a single patrol turns the tide of battle“, they say in the official blog. “We believe that with the change to 64 players, the rhythm that gives rise to great moments of teamwork when pursuing the objective will be recovered. We’ll be looking to see if the changes help improve the experience heading into Season 1.”

Precisely season 1 of Battlefield 2042 already has a confirmed launch window: it will arrive begining of June, seven months after the release of the title on PC and consoles. They assure that they will keep us up to date with new doses of information about the content that is to come with it.

For the rest, the 4.1 update brings numerous quality of life adjustmentswith general or audio changes, as well as bug fixes in Battlefield Portal mode and in the weapon behaviorsince some of them had incorrect values ​​in their damage tables.

Waiting to see how these changes make you feel, at DICE they have recognized that they have learned valuable lessons from the tricky launch who held the title in November of last year. Electronic Arts, for its part, has assured that it will continue to trust Battlefield and has long-term plans with 2042, so the shooter should still be sane.

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