Battlefield 2042 will drop support for one of its main modes with the first season


DICE acknowledges that Hazard Zone has been a failure and they no longer develop new content for the mode.

With Battlefield 2042 there is a lime and a sand constantly. Although EA continues to trust the shooter, it is good news for the majority of players who continue to spend hours on it, DICE dating its season one to seven months after the game’s release on PC and consoles isn’t easily outdone.

On the occasion of the premiere of this season, which will start from the month of Juneand the changes that are being introduced now, in the studio they have published a post and a video commenting a bit on the current course of the game, confirming that a new map and a new specialist along with more weapons, vehicles and the first season pass, with a free and paid option.

They do not develop more content for Hazard ZoneHowever, the negative news has arrived when they have made reference to Hazard Zone, a four-player game mode that was developed in response to the battle royale craze. Unfortunately, they will stop carrying new content to the modality, and currently they do not develop anything for it.

“Hazard Zone will remain a part of the experience, we won’t be removing it, but beyond fixing bugs and dealing with behavior issues that may appear in the future, we will not develop new experiences or content for the mode. The maps that we release throughout our seasons will not be compatible with Hazard Zone,” they say from DICE.

In the team they have admitted that the Hazard Zone experience has not found its place in Battlefield 2042, so the effort will focus on the most popular sections among players. The user base has been in free fall for some time, so it will be necessary to observe how these decisions affect the bulk of the futuristic shooter’s players.

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