Bayern Munich defeated Tigres in the Club World Cup final: this was minute by minute


The Bayern Munich beat the UANL Tigres 1-0 this Thursday to win the title in the Qatar Club World Cup, the second in the history of the monarchs of the European Champions League.

Benjamin Pavard scored a goal in the 59th minute to decide a duel in which the Germans, who had won their first world title in 2013, dominated and the Mexicans maintained order most of the time.

In this way the Bavarian team equaled what was done by FC Barcelona in 2009 by winning the local league, the local cup, the local super cup, the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup.

After giving the blow eliminating Palmeiras, monarch of the Liberators cup, the Tigers of the Brazilian coach Ricardo Tuca Ferretti became the first painting of the Concacaf to reach the last match of this contest.


REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari
REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari

Full Time. Bayern Munich is crowned champion of the Club World Cup at the Qatar Foundation Stadium.

Minute 90: Four minutes of compensation are added to the grand final. Rafael Carioca receives the third yellow from Tigres.

Minute 86: Gignac gets desperate and fouls in the rival area.

Minute 84: Tigers scare! Salcedo gave a bad pass to Nahuel and he literally stopped the ball at the goal line.

Minute 82: Good combed header from González, but Gignac could not effectively execute the half scissors with which he tried to finish.

Minute 80: Bad move by the Tigres defense. They lost the ball near the area, but Nahuél contained the shot well.

Minute 78: Change of Tigers. Chaka Rodríguez leaves for J. Quiñones.

Minute 78: Tigres have not been able to get possession of the ball. Gignac begins to lose patience.

Minute 77: Brazilian Douglas Costa’s first attempt from outside the area, but the shot is deflected from the goal.

Minute 72: Bayern triple change. Sané for Musiala, Lawandoski for Chuopo-Moting and Coman for Douglas Costa.

Minute 68: Chaka Rodríguez fouls Coman. Second yellow of the game, again for Tigres.

Minute 68: Dangerous Gignac center that Lucas Hernández cannot finish.

REUTERS/Mohammed Dabbous
REUTERS/Mohammed Dabbous

Minute 64: Change of Europeans. Tolisso enters for Gnabry.

Minute 61: Corner shot for the German team.

Minute 60: They accept the goal of the Germans as good. Tigres is losing in the grand final.

Minute 59: Another goal disallowed at Bayern. Pavard sent the ball into the back of the net after a bad start from the Argentine goalkeeper and a good cross from Joshua Kimmich. The referee reviews the play.

Minute 57: Great play between Chaka Rodríguez and Gignac on the right wing, but the Frenchman ends up wasting the last pass.

Minute 56: Bayern insists time and time again on the attack, but Tigres does not give up any space.

Minute 55: Unsuccessful move by the Germans that ends up in the hands of Nahuel Guzmán.

Minute 52: Sané fouls Rafel Carioca.

Minute 51: Gnabry unleashes a powerful left-handed shot that skims the crossbar.

Minute 47: Coman center and Sané’s header that goes over the Tigres arch.

Minute 46: They mark Carlos González offside.

  REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari
REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari

The first half is over, in general terms Bayern has been better than Tigres but Ferretti’s men have held up well behind.

Minute 45: Two minutes of compensation are added.

Minute 43: Foul in favor of Bayern. Dangerous free kick for Mexicans. Javier Aquino made a great pipe to Alphonso Davies.

Minute 40: The referee takes out the first yellow card of the final. The chosen one was Jesús Dueñas for delaying a kickoff.

Minute 38: Now Benjamin Pavard knocks down Gignac and the referee marks a foul in favor of the university students.

Minute 36: Ferretti realized the deficit of Tigres on the right side: he already switched Luis Quiñones to the left side and sent Javier Aquino to the weak zone.

Minute 36: Gignac fouls Alphonso Davies. The Frenchman argues with the referee.

Minute 36: Aquino’s foul on Joshua Kimmich.

Minute 33: The Germans took advantage of Tigres’ carelessness on a corner kick, but Sané’s shot went over the goal.

Minute 32: Bayern looks for possession of the ball and tries to find a gap between the well-standing felines

Minute 31: Corner kick in favor of Tigres.

  REUTERS/Mohammed Dabbous
REUTERS/Mohammed Dabbous

Minute 29: Sané tried to sneak into the area on the right wing, but ran into Dueñas’ strong defense.

Minute 27: Tigres takes the ball and tries a left attack commanded by the Frenchman Gignac. The Bavarian defense ends up clearing the ball.

Minute 23: New play that put the Mexicans in danger, but Carlos Salcedo cleared the ball and removed the danger.

Minute 22: Another rare shot from Davies that the Argentine Nahuel controls without difficulty.

Minute 20: Tigers with Jesus in their mouths! The goal is invalidated because the Pole is offside.

Minute 18: Bayern goal. Joshua Kimmich shot from outside the area, but Lewandowski was ahead and the goal will be reviewed.

Minute 15: Great movement by Quiñones to go hand in hand with Neuer. The Bavarian goalkeeper dipped in time and managed to keep the ball.

Minute 13: A dangerous move by Bayern, but a good defensive reaction from Tigres.

Minute 11: Gignac makes a great individual move on the right wing, but Quiñones makes an unsuccessful shot away from Manuel Neuer’s goal.

Minute 10: Corner kick in favor of Bayern. The referee charges a foul in favor of those from Nuevo León.

Minute 6: Another arrival from Bayern. Robert Lewandowski missed the definition.

Minute 4: First arrival of the Germans via Gnabry. The ball ended up in the hands of Nahuel Guzmán.

Minute 1: Sané’s foul on Aquino

Minute 0′23: Gignac headed in and Niklas Sueles deflected the ball to a corner kick.

Minute 0: The Uruguayan Esteban Ostojich blows the whistle that kicks off the Club World Cup final between Tigres and Bayern Munich.

REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari
REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari
REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari
REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari
REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari
REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari
REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari
REUTERS / Ibraheem Al Omari


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