Beastars Season 3: Release Date, Cast Members, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know


Beastars, a coming-of-age zoomorphic anime, was a welcome addition to the list of binge-worthy shows, but controversy surrounded it because of its adult themes. It’s difficult to avoid wondering whether or not there will be a third season of the Netflix anime Beastars after Studio Orange produced two enjoyable seasons.

The anime’s second season completely stunned everyone with its jaw-dropping revelation of the murderer of Tem, and the artistically gorgeous animation increased the quirkiness of the show’s main plot tenfold. As the second season’s 12-episode run came to an end in March 2021, it seemed that the anime was going to come to an end. But, Netflix has now confirmed officially that a third season is very certainly in the works.

Beastars Season 3

A cultured animal civilization seems intriguing. A community in which various animals cohabit and share their fair amount of drama, just as people do, and in which they behave in every way the same as humans. Adapted from the Japanese manga series of the same name, Beastars is a Netflix Original anime series that debuted in 2020. Learn more about season 3 of Beastars! We could finally get the year we’ve been waiting for in 2024. Being the anime geek throughout.

The public has shown a great deal of interest in the intriguing plot, and the third and final season of the anime series will likely be released shortly. Now let’s examine what is currently known about Beastars season 3.

Will there be a third season of Beastars?

Fans are already speculating whether they will be entitled to a sequel to the series after the recent release of Season 2. A sequel to the series, in which a new arc will be adapted, was revealed on a new website for the anime adaptation of “BEASTARS.” On the other hand, the announcement does not make it clear if this is Beastars Season 3, a movie, or an OVA.

What is the plot of Beastars Season 3?

Most of the “Beastars” characters are still alive after the season 2 finale’s spectacular battle. After his altercation with Riz, our protagonist, Legoshi, is not in any worse condition. Yet since he left school, his life has changed dramatically. His bond with Louis is now more solid than ever. His relationship with Haru, though, was still not entirely settled. They could find it difficult to strengthen their love relationship because of Legoshi’s propensity for causing problems and his recent criminal record.

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The incidents provide a fantastic introduction to Season 3, which should continue the manga adaptation from where Season 2 left off at the opening of Volume 12. In the next chapters, Legoshi and Louis are highlighted as they work to close the gap between predators and herbivores (via Barnes and Noble). Merino and Yahya are two new herbivores that Legoshi befriends. Legoshi and Louis must “face their father figures” in the meanwhile. This means that if and when season 3 of “Beastars” is published, the scene is prepared for further drama and action.

Beastars Season 3 Cast

  • Legoshi, voiced by Chikahiro Kobayashi; Jonah Scott:
    He is a massive grey wolf that is 17 years old when the story begins. The theatrical club’s stage crew includes second-year student Legoshi, who enjoys seeing tragic stories performed even if she is never compelled to experience them personally.
  • Haru, voiced by Sayaka Senbongi; Lara Jill Miller:
    A third-year student is the only member of the Cherryton Gardening Club and an outcast at the school as a whole due to her promiscuity. She thinks that the one method she can be in control of herself is via having sex. She is a white dwarf rabbit and is generally seen as a sensitive person by society. Haru often keeps people at a distance, even those who wish to be close to her like Legoshi and Louis.
  • Louis, voiced by Yūki Ono; Griffin Puatu:
    The red deer, was 18 years old when the narrative began. Third-year Cherryton student and head actor for the theatre club. Louis wants to be successful in Bearstar and oozes pride and confidence. He likes to look down on others around him and assert his superiority despite the fact that he is a herbivore in a world full of carnivores.
  • Juno, voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki; Lauren Landa:
    A female grey wolf student in her first year who joins the theatre group and, after hearing about Legoshi before meeting him, quickly falls in love with him instantly when he protects her from bullies. She is desperate to win his love and turn into a Beastar with him in order to usher in a new peaceful era for all carnivores together.
  • Gohin, voiced by Akio Ōtsuka, Keith Silverstein:
    In the underworld, a huge panda helps sick animals by rehabilitating them when their carnivorous instincts take over.
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Who Are the Makers of Beastars?

The manga series of the same name from Japan was adapted into an anime called Bestars. Paru Itagaki is the author and artist of the Beastars manga. The Studio orange television version of the series was produced by Nanami Higuchi and directed by Shinichi Matsumi. The soundtrack for both the Netflix anime and the original was composed by Satoru Kosaki.

Different episodes are produced collaboratively by Shunuke Hosoi, Yoshinori Takeeda, Kazuki Ooshima, and Makiko Kuroiwa. The crew’s tireless efforts to make the performance a success are a major factor in its popularity.

What Is Beastars: Season 3 About?

Beastars: Season 2 ended with Legushi and Riz engaging in a bloody brawl. Legushi seemed to be out of options since Riz had thoroughly outmuscled him during the bloody fight, but when Louis showed up there, he suggested that Legushi eat his leg to get the greatest strength possible.

Legushi regrettably succeeds to restrain Riz while devouring Louis’ leg. Both are subsequently imprisoned, although Legushi is shortly freed. In the last scenes, Legushi and Haru were seen talking and determining what was to come next for them. Whether Beastars: Season 3 will adapt the following manga chapters or will Studio Orange add some fresh material to the mix is not yet clear.

Most likely, season 3 will include both of the manga’s final story arcs. The first one is the Interspecies Relations Arc, which follows the last arc, Revenge of the Love Failure, and is about Legushi trying to figure out his place in the world after avenging Tem. The narrative will come to a close with a tale focusing on the destiny of Haru and Legushi and the criminal lord Melon.

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Where can I watch Beastars Season 3?

Beastars was initially shown on Fuji TV in 2019 and has since been immensely famous among fans. Later on, however, Netflix acquired the rights, and as a result, both seasons—seasons 1 and 2—are now accessible on Netflix.

Beastars Season 3 Release Date

There is no definite date for the third season of Beastars. However, based on the seasons’ two prior release schedules. In 2022, the third season is anticipated to debut. In March 2020, the first season of the show on Netflix made its debut. The second season followed in July 2021.

The third and final season of the “BEASTARS” anime adaptation will only be available on demand starting in 2024, according to a recent statement from the streaming provider Netflix. But, as of right now, no firm release date has been set.

Beastars Season 3 Episodes

We predict Beastars: Season: 3 will contain 24 episodes even if the exact number has not yet been revealed. There are still 97 chapters to be converted because season 2 of the anime wrapped up around chapter 99 of the manga. It presents a compelling case for the third episode to consist of 24 episodes, most likely split into two courses.

Is Beastars worth watching?

There was a lot of interest in the animation produced by Studio Orange that was based on the anthropomorphic animal civic society after it was first unveiled. But now that the first season has been out, viewers are eager to see how the mystery turns out. We should laud the show for its compelling plot and captivating characters.

Positive reviews have been given to Beastars so far, and the highly anticipated third season can only bring forth more of the same.