Beastars Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Beastars Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Beastars fans have a cause to howl. The official Twitter handle for the hit Netflix cartoon show confirmed that the third as well as final season is now being made. The tweet, which you can see below, also said that the forthcoming season would start in 2024.

Beastars is based on the popular book by Paru Itagaki and takes place within a world where animals can talk and act like people. But this isn’t your cute Disney world. In Beastars, prey animals are always at risk of being eaten by their carnivorous peers, which creates a big gap between the two cultures.

Legoshi is our hero. He is a shy gray wolf who just wants to live his life a quiet life. While at a play club meeting that lasts far into the night, he meets Haru, a tiny rabbit.

They start to like each other, yet after a student is found eaten, things get worse between the students at their school. A company called Orange made a cartoon TV show based on a Japanese comic book. It aired upon Fuji TV from October to December 2019.

From January to March 2021, there was a second season. The third and final season will come out in 2024. Netflix is allowed to show this animated series. Not in Japan? You could watch the first season within March 2020, as well as the second in July 2021.

More than 7.5 million prints of the comic had been bought by October 2021. Some awards were given to the Beastars cartoon in 2018. The 11th Manga Taishō was one of them, and it was a big deal for publisher Akita Shoten.

It won the New Creator Prize at the 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, the 42nd Kodansha Manga Award within the shōnen category, as well as the 21st Japan Media Arts Festival’s New Face Award.

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What Is The Renewal Status Of Beastars Season 3?

Studio Orange has finally announced that there will be a third season of Beastars, which is now being made. Studio Orange also said that the third installment would be the last one, which is sad. Season 3 of Beastars will start on Netflix in 2024.

Beastars Season 3 Release Date:

Cinematicjunkie says that the long-awaited third as well as final installment of BEASTARS will be available on Netflix within 2024. Fans can’t wait for the next episode of the gripping story that explores the complex dynamics of a world inhabited through animals that can talk and act like people. The exact release date has not been announced yet.

The return of CG Studio Orange and director Yoshihiro Watanabe guarantees the same excellent animation. The third season will focus on comics chapters that have not been turned into TV shows yet.

It will include the Interspecies Relations Arc as well as the Revenge of the Love Failure Arc. The news has caused a lot of excitement, as it promises an exciting ending to this much-loved cartoon series.

Beastars Season 3 Cast:

We think that some known names will be in the lead cast of Beastars Season 3, but official hiring news have not been made yet.

It’s likely that Jonah Scott, Griffin Puatu, as well as Lara Jill Miller will all play Legoshi, Louis, and Haru again in the English dub.

It is also likely that the voice artists for minor characters like Kibi, Jack, as well as Dom will be the same. Furthermore, it seems likely that new characters will be added, each with their own unique voice, but we’re eagerly awaiting official news to be sure.

  • Jonah Scott plays Legoshi
  • Griffin Puatu plays Louis
  • Lara Jill Miller plays Haru
  • Bryce Papenbrook plays Kibi
  • Cristina Valenzuela plays Sheila
  • Ben Diskin plays Jack
  • Brian Beacock plays Dom
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Fans are also excited to see Shinichi Matsumi back. He directed both of the initial seasons of the cartoon and will be running it again. Nao Ootsu is back to create the characters, as well as Nanami Higuchi is writing the story. With this skilled group back, Beastars Season 3 should be an interesting and well-made continuation of the show.

Beastars Season 3 Storyline:

“Beastars” takes place in a world where animals have human features and there are problems between plant-eaters and meat-eaters. The story is about Legoshi, a big, friendly gray wolf, and how he deals with the complicated things that happen at Cherryton Academy.

When a student named Tem is killed for no clear reason, the delicate balance between the two groups is upset. As Legoshi tries to balance his feelings with what society expects of him, he gets caught up in a web of evil and self-discovery.

As the acting club’s play goes on in the background, Legoshi meets Haru, a small rabbit, and battles with how he feels about her growing feelings. As the investigation into Tem’s death goes on, hidden wants, lies, and plots come to light. There are themes of racism, identity, and what happens when you hide who you really are in this story.

The story is made more interesting by the people, who each have their own problems and moral choices. Beastars is an exciting story that goes beyond its humanoid setting to explore the complexities of being human through the eyes of its unique and memorable animal characters.

Beastars Season 3 Trailer Release:

As of now, there is no video for Beastars season 3. But now that we know when it will come out, we expect a video to show up sometime in early 2024. As was already said, the most likely date for Beastars third installment to come out is May 2024. That means that, if our guess is right, we are going to begin seeing advertising a few months early, around April.

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Where To Watch Beastars Season 3:

Outside of Japan, the third season of Beastars will be available on Netflix everywhere else. Additionally, you can use Netflix to watch the first two seasons again or catch up before the new one starts.

If not, you can also watch a lot of movies and television programs upon Netflix this month. That’s all we know for now regarding Beastars season 3. Check out our lists of the best anime films, the best anime bad guys, as well as all the new anime that is coming out soon to learn more about anime.

How Many Episodes Of Beastars Season 3 Are There?

Because there’s still a lot of manga to cover, we think that Beastars season 3 will have more shows than the earlier seasons. The first and second seasons each had 12 episodes.

Since season 3 will have to deal with 2 storylines, we think it will have an amazing 24 episodes, with a possible break in the middle to separate the two. For now, this is just a guess. Soon, we should know for sure how many episodes there are.


Beastars Season 3 will start upon Netflix within 2024. It is a Japanese cartoon show based on a book. The show, which was made by Orange and used to air on Fuji TV, became famous, and by October 2021, over 7.5 million comic books had been sold. Voice artists like Jonah Scott, Griffin Puatu, as well as Lara Jill Miller have worked on it and won awards.

Season 3 will adapt comics chapters 100 to 193, with a focus on how Legoshi and Haru’s friendship changes and Louis’s healing. There isn’t a video yet, but the return of the original creative team makes me think that the next episode will be very interesting.