Before He Was Arrested For The Murder Of Tupac Shakur, Keefe D. Made Fun Of The Police


Before He Was Arrested For The Murder Of Tupac Shakur, Keefe D. Made Fun Of The Police:

Ice-T has spoken out about the recent arrest as well as charge of Duane “Keefe D” Davis for the murder of Tupac Shakur in 1996. In an interview alongside AllHipHop, the legendary West Coast rapper talked about the latest news in the mystery case. He said that he thinks Keffe D’s current legal problems are his own fault.

“My first thought was, ‘People talk too much,'” Ice-T said, referring to the chats Davis had done alongside DJ Vlad, Art of Dialogue, as well as other venues in recent years.

At Last, A Person Was Caught In The Killing Of Tupac Shakur:

He also asked why Keefe D hadn’t been caught before the arrest, since the police already knew he was involved. The murder of Tupac Shakur, which occurred in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996, during a drive-by shooting, had not been solved for years, which was stressful for people who wanted justice for the famous musician.

Suge Knight realizes that Tupac Shakur’s killer, Duane “Keefe D” Davis, has finally been arrested. Even though he saw the murder happen, Suge Knight says he won’t speak against Duane “Keefe D” Davis if he’s called to do so.

Suge Was In His BMW When He And Tupac Were Both Shot That Night In Las Vegas In 1996:

We talked to the head of Death Row Records on Monday, and he says that police and lawyers are making a mistake by arresting Davis. Even more, he disproves the long-held idea that Davis’s late nephew, Orlando Anderson, is the shooter.

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“I think L.A. knew exactly how this incident went down. I just cannot comprehend why it kept law enforcement so long, since when I claim I was in a car with someone who did something, that makes me part of the crime.

If I come to your house as well as ask for a gun, and you give it to me, and then I go and do something bad with it, you helped me do it,” he said.

Suge was in the BMW with Tupac when they were both shot that night in Las Vegas in 1996. During the phone call from a state jail in California, he told us that no matter what Davis admits to in interviews or to the cops, Suge will never say anything bad about the guy.

Davis Was Picked Up In Las Vegas Last Week:

The 65-year-old man kept saying that Davis’ arrest and charge were because he was too honest about his link to Shakur’s death. Shakur was thought to have been killed by Davis’ nephew Orlando Anderson within a drive-by shooting after an argument in Las Vegas.

Shakur was shot several times on September 7, 1996. Six days later, upon September 13, 1996, he died from his wounds. He also said that authorities shouldn’t bother trying to get him to testify at Davis’ murder hearing.

In short, Suge says he isn’t going to tell on anyone. Don’t forget that four of the 6 individuals who were shot were inside the shooter’s car. Only Suge as well as Davis are still living. As you know, Davis was apprehended last week within Las Vegas after being charged by a grand jury. However, the whole thing caught Suge by surprise.

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Keefe D Participated Within The Murder Of Tupac And Gave The Gun To The Killer:

Cops say that Keefe D was involved within Tupac’s death and gave the gun that was used to kill him. This happened shortly after Tupac’s gang beat up Orlando in the MGM Grand after a Mike Tyson fight.

The experienced actor came to the conclusion that the alleged gang member will probably die in prison and that Davis’ own words have made it easier for the prosecutors.

Ice-T said, “He calls out everyone else in the car.” “He’s pretty much dead now. He is going to spend the remainder of his life within jail, and he did it all by himself. You don’t even need any witnesses.”

Suge Was Clear About It. He Won’t Say Who Started Shooting At Pac, But He Knew It Wasn’t Anderson:

Suge made it clear that he will never say who shot Pac and him, but he did say that he knows it was not Anderson and that Keefe D shouldn’t be in jail either. Keefe has been very open about his alleged role in Tupac’s murder for years, giving interviews as well as writing a book regarding it. According to the police, this helped a lot to get the case going again.

Suge is currently serving a 28-year sentence for volunteer murder. He won’t say if Keefe D had anything to do with the shooting, yet he was sure of one thing: he’d never want anyone to go to jail.