Before Overwatch, Activision’s idea to measure character diversity was tested in the most innocent saga


In 2016, King showed the possibilities of his tool with Mario, Peach, Luigi and more inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Before Overwatch, Activision's idea to measure character diversity was tested in the most innocent saga

Just a few days ago, we discovered Activision Blizzard’s unique tool for ensuring the Overwatch roster is as diverse as possible: metrics that quantified character traits like ethnicity or sexual status. Users were quick to express their disbelief at the company’s initiative which, as we told you at the time, has been in operation since 2016.

It was this same year when the subsidiary Kingauthors of the tool, presented their idea at the GDC conference along with a very curious example: the franchise of Super Mario. As user UltimaShadowX recalls on Twitter, the developers did not hesitate to categorize Mario, Peach, Toad, Luigi and other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom with their metrics.

From Nintendo Life they echo this conference and remember that King’s talk also encompassed the franchise of The Legend of Zelda. As imaginaréis, las dos sagas de Nintendo salen bad stops in terms of diversity of its main characters, as explained by the developers of the tool in the full conference (recovered by Nintendo Life).

Although King has presented a most particular analysis, from Activision Blizzard they have not hesitated to use their metrics to increase the diversity of Overwatch characters. However, the developer of the hero-shooter has gotten into legal battlesprecisely, for promoting a hostile and discriminatory culture towards women, which has led the company to want to prevent the publication of a report on harassment and discrimination in the company.

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