Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?


Behind Her Eyes is an English supernatural/psychological show based on Sara Pinbrough’s best-selling 2017 book of the same name. The show’s first season came out on February 17, 2021, and had a total of six episodes. The show got as high as number two on Netflix in the US. The series is made by the same company that made The Crown, called Left Bank. Erik Richter Strand is in charge of the show, and Steve Lightfoot and Angela LaManna write the scripts.

Even though season 1 of the show ended more than a year ago, fans are still curious to know when season 2 will come out, since the ending of season 1 wasn’t quite what everybody had expected. Behind Her Eyes ended its first season with a weird, scary twist that turned the story completely on its head. It turned out that not everything or everyone was what they seemed to be. Is there any possibility that the show, which is based on Sarah Pinborough’s best-selling book of the same name, will be managed to bring back for a second season?

Will there be a Behind Her Eyes season 2?

Netflix hasn’t made an official renewal announcement yet, but we hope there will be a second season to make up for the weird way season 1 ended. In the next chapter, we’ll talk more about the ending.

Unfortunately, the source material for the show has pretty much run out after season 1. Behind Her Eyes is based on Sarah Pinborough’s popular book of the same name. Season 1 has stuck pretty closely to the plot of the books. So, if Netflix decides to keep the show going, the writers will have to show up with a whole new story for the next season. This has been done before with movies like The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies. But Sarah Pinborough, the book’s author, said she doesn’t know whether there are plans for a second season.

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Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Cast

If season two gets the go-ahead, Simona Brown may return to her role as Louise, the leading lady whose body was broken into by the psychiatric patient Rob at the end of season one. Rob used what Adele (Eve Hewson) told him about her ability to change bodies against her. He learned how she did it, took over her body, and killed her. Since then, Rob has been going around as Adele and doing everything he can to keep David in his control. This led to him eventually taking charge of Louise, who he had fallen in love with.

Because of this, Tom Bateman will definitely play David again. David has no idea that his new wife is both his old wife and not his old wife at all. Robert Aramayo, who played OG Rob before he started jumping into other people’s bodies, is the most likely person to show up in flashbacks because of the body-switching. Even though “Adele” (Eve Hewson) has died, there is a chance that she will show up in flashbacks.

Don’t forget about Louise’s son Adam (Tyler Howitt) and other minor characters who show up in the movie, like Louise’s ex-husband and her friend Sophie. We’re also looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.

What is the storyline of Behind Her Eyes?

At the beginning of the show, single mom Louise and David, who will become her new boss, share a drunk kiss. When David and Louise start having an affair, things get even more complicated because Louise becomes friends with Adele, David’s wife. At the end of the season, Louise finds out that “Adele” is actually Rob, who can send his mind into Adele’s body. Louise learns this skill on her own in the end. Which changes the whole course of the story in the end.

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When Louise realizes this, Rob shifts his awareness to her body, and Louise shifts hers to Adele’s. Louise in Adele’s body is killed by Rob in Louise’s body. Rob then takes over Louise’s life, getting her married to David and raising Adam. Even though David is confused about Louise being Rob, Adam starts to realize that something is wrong with his mom as the story goes on.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Plot

This series is based on the same-named book by Sarah Pinborough, which doesn’t have a sequel. I feel like this show is more like a miniseries, and I might be fine with it ending after only a few episodes! But without giving too much away, the final episode reveals a villain who seems to have all the power in the world. This villain could and should be stopped in season 2, probably in a way that will blow your mind. Like You, I would like to see this show going on for a few more seasons. There are enough loose ends to put together an interesting story about what actually occurs next.

Without giving away too many ideas, Behind Her Eyes could also be a fun series of short stories. You could easily make up a new story with characters who have the same, uh, skills as the ones in Behind Her Eyes.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Trailer

If the contract is not renewed, there will be no trailer. So keep coming back, and if we find anything interesting, we’ll let you know.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Release Date

Behind Her Eyes on Netflix is a limited series, which means it was never meant to have more than one season. But since the show is so popular, there’s no reason not to make it bigger. As of right now, Netflix has not made an official statement about whether or not the show will continue. But it’s safe to say that there might not be a second season at all.

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Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Episodes

Behind Her Eyes is a TV show, that everyone knows. We can see that each show’s last season only had six episodes. If Behind Her Eyes Season 2 comes out, there might be six episodes.