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Ben Affleck revealed why he didn’t marry Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 2003 Oscars (Shutterstock)
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 2003 Oscars (Shutterstock)

Two decades after the romance that almost ended in marriage, Ben Affleck remembered how bad he had when he was in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

The two-time Oscar winner began dating the Latin star in 2002, after meeting on the set of the film. Gigli, which was shattered by critics and nearly ended the actor’s career. That same year they committed to wedding plans for the following year. However, their wedding, scheduled for September 2003, it was postponed only four days before the date Due to the “Excessive media attention”. They separated the following year.

Today Affleck is in a relationship with the young Cuban actress Ana de Armas, while JLo is engaged to Alex Rodriguez, a former baseball player.

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck
Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck

Director of Argo He criticized the treatment that certain media gave to the news that circulated about the couple, nicknamed by the press as Bennifer, and said that he and his ex remain friends to this day.

Also, she talked about the things that people used to say about her.

At the time, JLo and the actor had declared that the constant harassment they received from the press and the paparazzi had taken a toll on the relationship and worn down the bond. Now Affleck added something to that situation that he remembers with sadness. “A lot of violent shit was written about her in a way that if they wrote it now, they would literally fire you”, He reflected on his time with the singer in the last episode of the podcast Awards Chatter, the The Hollywood Reporter, in which he stated that “People were fucking sexist and racist with her.”

Critical of the role of the media in his courtship with JLo, the 48-year-old actor claimed that at the time they came out, newspapers should “always have a story of the month” about their romance. “And my relationship with Jennifer Lopez turned out to be that tabloid story at the time that business was growing exponentially.“Said the Hollywood star, who also filled his ex with praise:”She is a very genuine person, I keep in touch with her periodically and I have enormous respect ”.

“Now she is valued and respected for the work she did, where she came from and what she accomplished, and that’s how it should be! ” Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband claimed.

Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck en 2002 (Shutterstock)
Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck en 2002 (Shutterstock)

The actor also talked about how his career was destroyed in the middle of his media romance with JLo.I was in the worst position you can be in this business, which is that you can sell magazines but not movie tickets “, he sentenced. “People just said: ‘You are worth nothing. You have no talent. You are nobody. You’re shit. ‘ And I suppose it works well when I have something to prove. “

At work, in recent days it was announced that Affleck has partnered with Disney for his next project. According Deadline, the actor will go behind the camera to direct an adaptation of Keeper of the Lost Cities, which is based on the novel by Shannon Messenger. Will also direct The Big Goodbye, a movie about how the mythical Chinatown was made. Recently, it was revealed that he is in talks to star in a George Clooney movie.


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