Benedict Cumberbatch rechaza interpretar a Thrawn en Star Wars


In season 2 of The Mandalorian the warlord that fans love: Grand Admiral Thrawn was named, who will make his flesh-and-blood (or whatever that blue) debut in the series. And although it has not been said who will be the actor who will play him, Benedict Cumberbatch sounded to everyone … but it seems that he has said that he does not intend to do so.

In an interview with Collider promoting his new movie The Courier, Cumberbatch admitted that he has no idea who Thrawn is and that he is not going to get into the rag about whether to take that role in The Mandalorian: Season 3 or Star Wars: Ahsoka. Also, Cumberbatch says she has no interest in embodying a character that requires hours of makeup each day.

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“Not for me at the moment,” Cumberbatch said in Collider. “I’m not going to turn blue. I have had blue hair recently. No, seriously, I have to take advantage of my time with my kids and I think sitting in a makeup chair for hours to get painted blue along with the amount of time that I would take everything else not worth it. This is not the time of my life for it. “

Grand Admiral Thrawn appeared in the 1991 novel Star Wars: Heir to the Empire. While initially only appearing in the Bantam Star Wars novels and Dark Horse comics, I jump back to Star Wars Rebels, the Disney animated series.

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