Benedict Cumberbatch regrets disappointing fans of Scarlet Witch and Vision


Attention: here you will find sensitive information about the plot of Scarlet Witch and Vision that, if you have not been able to see it in full, you will find a compendium of SPOILERS. Read at your own risk.

We love to theorize, we were looking forward to seeing the link between Scarlet Witch and Vision with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And as a result, we all wanted to see Benedict Cumberbatch appear, even if it was in a post-credit scene from the Disney + series. But that, friends, did not happen. And now poor Cumberbatch seems to feel guilty, because he was not aware of the commotion that has been mounted awaiting his presence.

It was during an interview about his new film The Courier where he apologized through Jake Hamilton’s YouTube space, as the Comicbook medium collects:

Sorry to disappoint you. I suppose it would have been fun, it would have led to Lizzie’s involvement with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but what the hell, it will come. We are at work, we have been filming since Christmas and it is very stimulating.”

It’s just another unsatisfied Scarlet Witch theory, like what many fans have called a “kick” in their expectations of the multiverse: Peter Evans in the role of Quicksilver was a curious decision, but without much repercussion. and it wasn’t related to her character on FOX.

And today we have told you that, to the shock of locals and strangers, despite the thousands of theories regarding Mephisto, (you can take a look at our article about it) because of his relationship with Wanda’s children, we have been surprised : the scriptwriter of the series did not even know who Mephisto was until this year.

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