Benjamin Millepied Made A Lot Of Money Dancing After He Reunited With His Ex-Wife Natalie Portman


Benjamin Millepied Made A Lot Of Money Dancing After He Reunited With His Ex-Wife Natalie Portman:

Benjamin Millepied, who is no longer Natalie Portman’s husband, and she met at work. Benjamin got to work alongside Natalie in a Academy Award-winning film because of how long and well he had been dancing.

But his career was just getting started. From there, his net worth kept going up as he worked on more and more movies in different parts. Celebrity Net Worth says that Benjamin’s net worth is about $10 million.

The Rumor That Benjamin Is Having An Affair Alongside Camille Was Confirmed By Someone In The Know:

After Millepied’s affair alongside a 25-year-old climate activist came to light in June, a source told a news outlet, “They’ve been attempting to work upon their marriage, yet are currently on the outside.”

Since the No Strings Attached star was seen without her wedding ring in the summer, people have been talking about where Portman as well as Millepied, who have a 12-year-old son named Aleph and a 6-year-old daughter named Amalia, are now.

The A-lister was last seen without a ring upon that finger on Friday, August 4, at an Angel City FC event within Sydney, Australia. It was the 11th wedding anniversary of her ex-husband.

When the news came out that Millepied had been cheating on Portman alongside a woman named Camille Étienne, a source said that Portman was still committed to working on her marriage.

At the time, a source said, “Natalie thinks Benjamin’s affair was a short, stupid hookup that doesn’t mean anything to him.” The source also said that Portman had been “humiliated” through the reports.

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Natalie Portman Doesn’t Want Her Children To Grow Up Within A Broken Home:

Even though the public was very upset, Portman wished to “see if she’s capable of restoring her trust” within Millepied so that their children wouldn’t “grow up within a broken home.”

Benjamin joined the New York City corps de ballet in the late 1990s. He went on to become a director and a dancer who loves to dance there.

During his time with the top company, he was moved up to soloist and then to main dancer. Even though Benjamin stopped dancing with the ballet within 2011, his dancing career had been far from over.

Benjamin Was Additionally Charged With Putting Together The Dance Moves For The “Sandwalk” Scene In Dune:

Benjamin was recognized alongside choreographing the “sandwalk” scene in Dune, as well as directing and choreographing a number of long and short films.

The Frenchman also started the L.A. Dance Project and was the head of dance at the Paris Opera Ballet for the whole decade of the 2010s.

How Did Natalie Portman And Benjamin Millepied Meet?

Natalie as well as Benjamin met in 2009 upon the set of her movie Black Swan, which won an Oscar.

David Moreau, who portrayed The Prince in the Swan Lake scene of the movie, was cast as Nina’s dance partner, David Moreau. The two spent a lot of time together making sure that their dance for the movie was great.

In An Interview, Natalie Talked About How It Felt To Meet Benjamin And Work With Him:

Even though Benjamin and Natalie are no longer together, they had a quiet romance for many years. Natalie talked about how it felt to meet and work with Benjamin in an interview upon SiriusXM Town Hall in 2018.

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Natalie stated at the time, “When I met my partner, I felt like I was in a dream.” “He taught me how to dance. Like, one of those love stories. It was exciting and fun, for sure.

It was lovely. I’m not sure what instant is. When I felt like truly got to know him, I thought, “Oh, this is the person.”

After getting to know each other in 2009, the couple stated in 2010 that they were getting married as well as expecting their first kid. In 2011, Natalie gives birth to their boy Aleph, and in 2017, she gives birth to their daughter Amalia.

Even though Natalie and Benjamin had been married for over a decade and seemed to be happy, they were said to be “on the outs” within August 2023 after reports about the choreographer cheating started to spread online in the spring.

Did Benjamin Millepied Betray Natalie Portman?

In June 2023, rumors spread that Benjamin had cheated upon Natalie alongside Camille Étienne, an activist. In May 2023, the French magazine Voici showed pictures of Benjamin as well as Camille arriving and leaving his office in Paris 10 minutes apart. The pictures were released in the same month.

The Couple’s Marriage Hit A Snag Because Benjamin Was Having An Affair With Camille:

Even though he as well as Natalie were seen at a Beyoncé event two days later, his claimed romance with Camille is said to have caused trouble in their marriage. Natalie and Benjamin did not say anything about the reports.

Initial reports said that Natalie as well as Benjamin were attempting to fix their marriage after the claimed affair, but in August 2023, they broke up.

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Natalie Portman Was Seen Without Her Wedding Ring Upon The 11th Anniversary Of Her Marriage To Benjamin:

Even on her 11th wedding anniversary, when she and Benjamin were in Sydney, Australia, she was seen without her wedding ring.