Best Mods for Cyberpunk 2077 – Improvements, trivia, utilities, additional missions and more


It is one of the most controversial releases in the history of the medium. We won’t delve into its issues, but CD Projekt Red’s latest work has been the focus of almost everything in recent months, including modifications made by its own community of players. Are you looking for the best Mods for Cyberpunk 2077? We bring you a selection with some of the best modifications that you can install right now in your PC game, including improvements, some curiosities, new characters, utilities, bug fixes, additional missions … let’s get to it.

We selected the best Cyberpunk 2077 Mods in 2021

We have made a compilation for all tastes, including how you can download and install each of them. Most do not have much loss, so if they catch your attention you can try them without too much complication. Here are some of Best Cyberpunk 2077 Mods You Can Install Right Now In 2021.

Improve driving in Cyberpunk 2077

Do you like how the vehicles feel in the game? Cyberpunk 2077 driving is not its strongest point for many players and that is why this mod called Better Vehicle Handling has been created, which as its name suggests will allow you to better drive the cars and motorcycles available in Night City. From here you can download it.

Juega como Johnny Silverhand, John Wick o Keanu Reeves

One of the most curious Cyberpunk 2077 mods that we have come across by far, of which we have already discussed all the details in case you want to know more. In short, it will allow you to change the appearance of V by modeling Johnny Silverhand, John Wick or, directly, Keanu Reeves, all of them modifiable and with the possibility of changing their clothes. Here we tell you everything you need to know to install it.

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Survival mode in Cyberpunk 2077

How about adding survival mechanics to Cyberpunk 2077? This is what this mod proposes, which basically adds basic needs to our character. Drinking and eating will be necessary so that V does not die of dehydration or malnutrition. Now all restaurants can have a little more sense thanks to this mod that you can download and install from here.

Fix all sound problems

Although the PC version has been the best stop by far, there are not a few bugs in Cyberpunk 2077 that continue to appear. If you are especially bothered by loud sounds, when the music is too loud in combat or when there are general mixing errors, this 11 GB mod solves them for the most part. What CD Projekt RED does not solve that at least its players solve.

120 additional missions, in case you get bored

Have you completed the game and all the secondary tasks but have you been wanting more? Do you want to spice up Night City? With this Cyberpunk 2077 mod called Quest mod you will add 120 additional missions. It consists of 40 assassination, 40 exploration and 40 escort missions in addition to those already available in the base game.

Improving the Cyberpunk 2077 minimap

Don’t like Cyberpunk 2077’s default minimap? It is not entirely terrible but it is true that some functions such as being able to zoom are missed, because if you drive a little faster than normal you can easily skip the turns. This mod called Better Minimap improves the radar of the original game and allows to perform all these additional actions. A little blessing.

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Alternative behavior of NPCs

One of the most spectacular Cyberpunk 2077 mods that we have found is the work of MelancholyMastermind, who has managed to create much more realistic NPCs and with a more dynamic behavior as pedestrians than that perceived by the original game. He himself indicates that he has succeeded by changing some of his variables and using certain tricks. They also improve the mechanics of finding enemies, traffic and other elements. Try it.

Walking in Cyberpunk 2077

The very definition of this mod created by Omb123 is more than enough, as it “adds the ability to walk with ALT instead of constantly running like a 10 year old with hyperactivity.” Basically, it allows you to walk, walk slowly like normal people, holding down that key. It is appreciated, since the original game does not allow it.

Optimized ray tracing

If what you want is to improve the visual aspect of the game, there are a few mods for Cyberpunk 2077 that are quite spectacular. Here we have the so-called Optimized Raytracing, which as its name suggests improves the famous ray tracing for lighting and the reflections are much more spectacular. If you have a good PC, give it a spin.

Change the weather

This mod allows changing the weather in Cyberpunk 2077, or more or less. This modification that you can download from here allows you to replace sunny weather with any of the others as the default. This serves so that most of the time we have a foggy, rainy city with clouds … instead of the continuous sun.

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Simplified inventory in Cyberpunk 2077

Also tired of dipping into inventory every few minutes and seeing absolute chaos? For that there is this mod developed by andwhat112, which comes to solve life a bit in this regard. This simplified inventory applies custom filters automatically, and even allows you to group all your food in a single space, just like your drinks. The glory.

We hope that this selection by some of best cyberpunk 2077 mods has been useful to you. Keep in mind that all mods are in development and can generate bugs or compatibility problems between them, so install them little by little and be patient with possible errors. The community of players continues to work on the game, so we will continue to bring you the mods that we find most interesting.