Best Online Betting Sites To Gamble On Right Now


Best Online Betting Sites To Gamble On Right Now

If you’re cooped up inside your home right now and looking to “get away” from everyday life, we have an activity that’s both fun, safe (sort of), and could earn you a few spare bucks on the side. We’re talking about gambling, folks!

In 2020 (and in the years to come), how people gamble will undergo a paradigm shift. Land-based casinos — that were already clinging to life beforehand — are under a world of hurt due to the ongoing pandemic. Suddenly, its rooms are vacated, buffet tables unseated, and yes, slot machines empty.

But that’s not to say people aren’t or won’t bet anymore, not at all. They will, perhaps even more so, only it’ll be done mostly online via a desktop computer, tablet, or cell phone. There’s a number of existing sites and applications ready to capitalize on this industry transition. Let’s cover the top players, all of which can help you burn some time while we wait for a return to “normalcy” in life.


Maybe you’ve heard of DraftKings, it seems like they’re everywhere — TV commercials, Monday Night Football sponsorship, social media ads, stock market news shows, and more. That goes to show you the deep pockets this online-only betting platform has at its disposal.

But believe us, they’re not just spending on advertisements. Nope, that money is also being poured into its user-friendly website and mobile applications, which are “cream of the crop.” At DraftKings, you can either stake money in regular sports betting (spreads, moneylines, etc.), daily fantasy sports, or a casino.

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However, we’d be remiss not to mention DraftKings isn’t completely legal everywhere. It’s only available in the United States and even then, access varies state to state. Hop on to DraftKings and the site itself will tell you (using your IP address) whether it’s allowed there or not.


A lot of what we said about DraftKings also applies to FanDuel including playing options, top-notch betting software, and sporadic legalization. Both these companies are upending the online gambling industry and are well positioned to become market leaders.

Since they’re so similar to one another, perhaps it’s best to try out both betting sites. Do you prefer the user experience of one over the other? Is one offering a too-good-to-pass-up promotion at the moment? Pick one at your better liking. 


Let’s say you live in a state that has both DraftKings and FanDuel barred, what now? Welp, you can always join an offshore gambling site. As the name implies, these platforms are operated outside the US, thus circumvent usual federal and state laws — and no, it’s not criminal behavior to play on such a site.

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There’s many sites that fit the bill, however, one of our favorites is Bovada or Bodog (how it’s known outside the US). Since being founded in 2011, it has quickly become a favorite among online bettors looking to wager on sports or a casino.

Better yet, there’s always some kind of Bovada bonus or promotion running. You can find many promo codes on its site, just redeem it, and enjoy the perks — usually free play that can be used freely.

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Here’s another offshore betting site that’s worthy of your time — BetOnline. The betting menu here is incredibly diverse. If sports is your thing, the sportsbook is loaded with betting lines across many sports, leagues, and countries. If a casino is more up your alley, BetOnline features a slew of slot machines and table games (poker, blackjack, etc.).

We have to mention BetOnline’s bonuses, too. They’re not stingy with these and players benefit from them greatly. Take its sign-up bonus for example. New players to the site are eligible for $1000 in free play upon sign up. If you’re new to this, wouldn’t you want a freebie grand to bankroll your betting? Of course, you would!

Between these four betting sites, you’re in good hands while you wait out this pandemic to pass over (whenever that may be). So sit back, make a few wagers here and there, and have some fun — all from the comfort and safety of your own home!