Best Sports to Bet On


The Preakness Stakes 2022 are set to be run later this year, and that’s always one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Even though horse racing has lost some popularity through the years, the Preakness Stakes will always be a popular event to wager on.

Speaking of betting, there are a handful of sports that have become better betting opportunities than the rest. Here is a look at those sports, and some reasons as to why they attract more wagers than other sporting events that are out there.

This list is in no particular order as the best betting option will change for each person. 

Horse Racing

Since we are already on the topic of horse racing, let’s focus on this sport and the many reasons that it is a great sport to wager on. Sports betting really got its start when betting on horse races, and those events can still provide some great betting options.

One of the top reasons that horse racing is good to bet on is because there is a limited amount of options to focus on. This is also a sport that rarely sees massive updates and the betting favorites are usually in the mix down the home stretch.

This is a sport where you will be able to find plenty of pre-race information as well, and you can use all of that knowledge to help you make a good wager. 


Football is easily the most popular sport to watch in the United States, and it’s also the most popular sport to wager on. Football is only played in specific months of the year though, and you will have to find different sports to wager on when it is no longer football season. 

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It’s pretty easy to find good information that can help you make winning bets when it comes to football, and watching the sport provides great entertainment. You will also find more betting options offered for football than what you will find with other sports because it is so popular. 


Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide, even if it hasn’t caught on in the United States. Even if there isn’t a big group of soccer fans in the U.S. this sport still provides a great way to bet on sports and win some money.

Soccer is a game that is usually low-scoring and that can actually provide a huge boost when it comes to betting. Betting can be hard when there are so many options available, and that is why soccer can be something that is profitable. 


Boxing is another sport that has lost fans and popularity over the years, but betting on boxing has been around for decades. This is another sport that only has a couple of true outcomes, and that can take some of the decision-making away from bettors. 

The hardest part about betting on boxing is trying to determine the method in which the fight will end, but picking the winner can be pretty easy at times. 


Basketball is another sport that has a massive following, and it is extremely easy to get information for this sport as well. You will find plenty of betting options when it comes to basketball, and that will give you enough options to win some money.

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College basketball might actually be more popular than betting on the NBA, especially in the month of March. This is a sport that will have plenty of upsets as well, and picking those upsets can lead to a nice payday. 


You might be shocked to see tennis mentioned as one of the best sports to wager on, but those that bet on sports regularly know how good of an opportunity this sport can be. Tennis can be a hard sport to get into, but you can actually place winning bets without having to know much about the sport.

One of the biggest reasons that tennis is a good sport to wager on is that tournaments are taking place throughout the year. This is also a sport that doesn’t see a ton of major upsets in the early rounds and betting on favorites can put you on a good path to winning some money.