Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Season 1  Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know


Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Season 1  Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

Get ready to revisit the world of everyone’s favorite ugly duckling turned swan! “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” is set to captivate audiences again with its highly anticipated first season. This sequel to the beloved Colombian telenovela “Yo soy Betty, la fea” promises to bring back the charm, humor, and heart that made the original series a global phenomenon.

Twenty years have passed since we last saw Beatriz “Betty” Aurora Pinzón Solano and Armando Mendoza Sáenz, and life has certainly taken some unexpected turns. As we prepare to dive back into the world of high fashion and personal drama, fans are excitedly buzzing. Will Betty’s fairy tale ending have stood the test of time? How has parenthood changed our favorite couple? And what new challenges await in the cutthroat world of Ecomoda? Season 1 of “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” is poised to answer these questions, offering a fresh take on the characters we’ve come to know and love.

Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Season 1 Release Date:

Mark your calendars and set your reminders because “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” is set to premiere on July 19, 2024. Prime Video recently 19ounced this highly anticipated release date, sending fans into a frenzy of excitement. The summer release seems perfectly timed, offering viewers a delightful binge-watching opportunity during the warm months.

It’s worth noting that this release date applies to the series’ global launch on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming giant has secured the rights to distribute “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” in over 240 countries and territories. This means that fans from Colombia, Canada, Spain, and Singapore can enjoy Betty’s new adventures simultaneously. The global release strategy speaks to the universal appeal of Betty’s story and the enduring popularity of the “Yo soy Betty, la fea” franchise.

Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Season 1 – Expected Storyline:

Season 1 of “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” is set to explore a variety of compelling storylines. At the forefront is the deterioration of Betty and Armando’s relationship. Once the epitome of true love, overcoming all obstacles, the couple faces the realities of a long-term marriage. Viewers can expect to see them grapple with issues of trust, communication, and whether their love can withstand the test of time.

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Another significant plot thread revolves around Ecomoda, the fashion company central to Betty’s journey from the beginning. A death within the company forces Betty to reconnect with her former coworkers and her estranged husband. This development will likely bring professional challenges and personal drama as old rivalries reignite and new alliances form. The fashion industry backdrop provides ample opportunity for glamour, intrigue, and high-stakes business conflicts.

The series also promises to delve into Betty’s relationship with her daughter, Mila. Fresh from studying fashion in New York, Mila is ready to make her mark on the family business. This storyline is expected to explore generational differences, the challenges of working with family, and the evolution of the fashion industry in the digital age. As Betty navigates her roles as mother, mentor, and potential business rival to her daughter, viewers can anticipate plenty of emotional moments and personal growth for both characters.

Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Series list of Cast Members:

The series brings back many beloved actors from the original show, along with some exciting new additions:

  • Ana María Orozco as Beatriz “Betty” Aurora Pinzón Solano
  • Jorge Enrique Abello as Armando Mendoza Sáenz
  • Natalia Ramírez as Marcela Valencia
  • Lorna Cepeda as Patricia Fernández
  • Julián Arango as Hugo Lombardi
  • Mario Duarte as Nicolás Mora Cifuentes
  • Jorge Herrera as Hermes Pinzón Galarza
  • Julio César Herrera as Freddy Stewart Contreras
  • Ricardo Vélez as Mario Calderón
  • Alberto León Jaramillo as Saúl Gutiérrez
  • Luces Velásquez as Bertha de González
  • Marcela Posada as Sandra Patiño


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  • Juanita Molina as Camila “Mila” Mendoza Pinzón
  • Zharick León as María José Arriaga López
  • Sebastián Osorio as Ignacio “Nacho” Ortíz
  • Jerónimo Cantillo as Jefferson “Jeff” Muriel Ramírez
  • Rodrigo Candamil as Esteban Ruiz Castro

Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Season 1 List of Episodes:

While the exact episode titles for “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” Season 1 have not been officially released, we know the season will consist of 10 episodes. 

Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Series Creators Team:

The creative force behind “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” brings together a talented team of writers, producers, and directors, many of whom have deep connections to the original series.

The series is developed by a trio of experienced storytellers: Marta Betoldi, Juan Carlos Pérez, and César Betancur. Their combined expertise in telenovelas and long-form storytelling promises to bring depth and nuance to Betty’s continuing saga.

Valeria Gómez and Luis Carlos Ávila lead the writing team. These talented scribes have the challenging task of honoring the spirit of the original series while crafting fresh, contemporary storylines that will resonate with longtime fans and new viewers.

Director Mauricio Cruz Fortunato is at the helm of the production. Known for his work on other popular Colombian series, Fortunato brings a keen visual style and a knack for balancing drama and comedy—essential elements of the “Betty la Fea” universe.

The executive producer team includes Juan Pablo Posada and Yalile Giordanelli, industry veterans who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of bringing such a beloved property back to the screen. Interestingly, Ana María Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello, the show’s stars, are also serving as producers. Their intimate knowledge of the characters and the world of “Betty la Fea” will undoubtedly contribute to the authenticity and emotional resonance of the new series.

Where to Watch Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Season 1?

“Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. This global streaming platform has secured the rights to distribute the series in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. This wide availability ensures that fans around the globe can enjoy Betty’s new adventures simultaneously.

Viewers will need an active Amazon Prime Video subscription to watch the series. If you’re not already a subscriber, you may want to consider signing up before the July 19, 2024, premiere date. Amazon oftJuly 19rs free trials for new subscribers, which could be a great way to catch the first few episodes if timed correctly.

Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Season 1 Trailer Release Date:

As of now, an official release date for the “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” Season 1 trailer has not been announced. However, given the July 19, 2024 premiere date, we can make 19educated guesses about when fans might get their first glimpse of the new series.

Typically, for a high-profile series like this, a teaser trailer might be released 2-3 months before the premiere, with a full trailer following about a month later. This would place a potential teaser release around April or May 2024, with a full trailer possibly dropping in June 2024. Of course, these are just estimates, and the release strategy may differ. Fans should watch Amazon Prime Video’s official social media channels and website for the most up-to-date information on trailer releases.

Betty la Fea, the Story Continues Season 1 Final Words:

As we eagerly await the premiere of “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues,” it’s clear that this new chapter in Betty’s life has the potential to captivate audiences just as the original series did. The combination of returning favorites and fresh faces, coupled with storylines that promise nostalgia and contemporary relevance, sets the stage for a compelling viewing experience.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original “Yo soy Betty, la fea” or new to Betty’s world, this sequel series offers something for everyone. With its exploration of love, family, career, and personal growth, set against the glamorous backdrop of the fashion industry, “Betty la Fea, the Story Continues” is poised to be one of the most talked-about shows of 2024. Mark your calendars for July 19th and prepare to fall in love wJulwith Julyall over again!