Bharat Biotech Corona Vaccine Trial: First phase trial almost complete, second trial of Covaxin may start in September


New Delhi Russia has recently announced the corona virus vaccine. Russia claimed on Tuesday that the corona vaccine has been prepared here. Which was tested on humans for about two months and after that it has been found successful. But, informed Russia has doubted this claim. After which Russia’s Health Minister Mikhail Murashko has said to launch this vaccine within two weeks. Meanwhile, India is also working towards preparing its vaccine to beat the Corona crisis. Also Read – China claims – Corona virus found in frozen chicken, WHO said this

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Research and studies on the Coronavirus Vaccine India vaccine are continuing in the country. Meanwhile, there is news that the first phase of testing of the vaccine of Corona virus being made by Bhara Biotech has been completed. According to the news of India Today, the committee may submit the file of the first phase trial soon. Which will have complete information about it. In such a situation, there is a possibility that the second phase of the trial of the corona virus vaccine being made by Bharat Biotech may start in September. Also Read – Many experts of the world are expressing doubts over Russia’s prepared Corona vaccine, these things came to light

Let me tell you, under the biotech India, a trial of corona virus vaccine is going on at 12 centers. In which the trial of the first phase in 11 places is almost complete, but in Delhi AIIMS, this trial is still on the first phase. Delhi AIIMS has selected only 16 people for Phase 1 of the vaccine’s human trial. Initially AIIMS was going to conduct this trial on around 100 candidates, but later only 16 people were selected.

Talking about other centers, 375 people have been selected for Bharat Biotech’s Corona Vaccine Trials run at other 11 centers. Now that the first phase of the trial of the corona vaccine released by India Biotech is about to end, the second phase of the human trial is expected to start in the first week of September. The findings of the Phase 1 trial will be reported soon.


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