Big accident: Five people drowned, four bodies recovered, Yamram went to bath in Yamuna

Haryana: A major mishap took place in the Yamuna River near Jalmana village in Panipat. Six people including a young woman and three children died of drowning. Four of these bodies have been taken out after searching in the river, while the search for two is on. There is chaos after the accident. Also Read – Delhi Yamuna Level News: Yamuna water level reaches near danger mark in Delhi, Kejriwal government ready to deal with flood situation

This morning a family went out for a walk, they felt that the water level of Yamuna river has reduced, they take bath in it. One of the first to join the family, a young woman descended into the river to take a bath, followed by two children. All three were drowned in the river in front of everyone. Seeing them drowning, three family members went to the river and they also drowned. There was chaos after this. Also Read – Taj Mahal: What happened that Taj Mahal is a revenge scene, see photos

A crowd gathered on the river bank. Divers landed in the water and bodies were searched. Out of the six submerged, the bodies of four have been found so far. Divers are searching for the remaining two bodies. After this, there is a panic in Jalmana village as well as nearby Karahans and Chandauli villages. Two of the drowners were residents of Karahans and Chandauli villages. Also Read – Video: Horrific accident at the shipyard in Visakhapatnam, 11 people lost their lives in a few seconds

Please tell where this accident has happened, that is on the bank of river Yamuna in Jalmana village Panipat. This morning, Sarita, who lives here, came to take a walk along the river with her son, 15-year-old Sagar and 13-year-old daughter Payal, along with 20-year-old Sonia, her friend. Seeing the water of the river, Sonia said that there is less water here, she is going to take a bath. Saying this, she went down into the river. Sagar and Payal also came after him.

All three started drowning immediately. Seeing this, the children’s mother Sonia also jumped into the river and she too started drowning. Seeing him drowning, a young man from Chandauli Badal and a young man from the village of Karahans jumped into the river to save them, but no one could be saved. All drowned. On seeing this, the people around made a noise. The diver has taken out the bodies of drowned people. The bodies of four have been found. The search for two continues.

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