Big changes are coming in the remake of The Witcher, which will be completely open world


CD Projekt Red has confirmed that its Unreal Engine 5 remake of The Witcher will be completely open world.

During their third-quarter financial results, CD Projekt Red briefly mentioned their The Witcher Remake announcement, saying that it will be a “single-player, open-world RPG.”

Previously, the studio had only confirmed that it would be another “full-fledged” Witcher gamebut since the original is not open world, there was still speculation if the remake would resemble the 2007 version or something closer to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Grandmaster upgrades.

CD Projekt Red has not commented further on the new game, reiterating what it said in October that “it’s going to be a while before we can share more details.”

“The Witcher is where it all started for us, for CD Projekt Red. It was the first game we ever made, and it was a great moment for us then. Going back to this place and remaking the game for the next generation of gamers to experience feels great.” just as large, if not larger,” study head Adam Badowski added at the time.

In the original The Witcher, Geralt ventured through the capital of Vizima, a location that is briefly visited in The Witcher 3. While players were only able to access the royal castle in the third game, the entirety of Vizima, its surroundings, and other locations will open up in The Witcher remake.

Each of these zones was divided into a different level in the original, and for the most part, once one was completed, players couldn’t go back. However, with the new version, it appears that all these zones will be connected and players will be able to enter and exit Vizima in the same way as they do in Novigrad in The Witcher 3.

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