Big name Wars: Stories of the Jedi defined. Why is the animated sequence so other from the comics?


Weeks sooner than Big name Wars Party 2022, information broke of a brand new animated anthology sequence referred to as Big name Wars: Stories of the Jedi. That sequence stocks its title with one of the vital earliest and maximum influential Big name Wars Expanded Universe comics. However now that the sequence has been formally published, we all know that the brand new Stories of the Jedi is an overly other undertaking, that specialize in more than a few Jedi Knights right through the prequel technology.

Stories of the Jedi is a reputation with deep that means to the Big name Wars mythos. The unique sequence from Darkish Horse Comics used to be one of the vital first Big name Wars tales to flesh out the traditional historical past of the Jedi Order and its conflict with the Sith. It does not appear to be the brand new animated sequence has a lot more in not unusual than the name, however there may be all the time a possibility the relationship runs deeper. With this in thoughts, let’s check out the unique Stories of the Jedi comics and why they’re so other from the brand new celebrity wars animated sequence.

Stories of the Jedi: What we all know concerning the animated sequence

Big name Wars: Stories of the Jedi is an animated anthology sequence set at other occasions within the prequel technology. The sequence is composed of six episodes, part centering on Ahsoka Tano (who’s voiced within the authentic model of her, as standard, by means of Ashley Eckstein) and the opposite part on Depend Dooku sooner than his descent to the Darkish Aspect. Dooku’s Padawan Qui-Gon Jin will actually have a main position within the sequence, and shall be voiced by means of each Liam Neeson and Neeson’s son Michael, relying at the period of time.

The sequence will make clear 3 other issues in Ahsoka’s existence, together with her youth. Janina Gavankar (who performed Iden Verso in Big name Wars: Battlefront II) will voice Ahsoka’s mom within the first episode. The second one will display Ahsoka right through the Clone Wars, whilst the 3rd finds a combat between an grownup Ahsoka and an Arbiter.

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It is unclear if Stories of the Jedi is a standalone undertaking or if screenwriter Dave Filoni is making plans more than one seasons. Within the latter case, it is conceivable that the sequence will prolong past the confines of the prequels to discover different characters and time sessions. Possibly even the heroes and villains of the Stories of the Jedi comics? Let’s shift the focal point to them.

Stories of the Jedi: The Comics

Big name Wars: Stories of the Jedi is a comic book e book sequence revealed by means of Darkish Horse between 1993 and 1998. The sequence used to be firstly conceived by means of publisher Tom Veitch, thought to be one of the vital primary architects of the Big name Wars Expanded Universe. Despite the fact that Veitch’s first Big name Wars undertaking, Darkish Empire, used to be a sequel set six years after the occasions of Go back of the Jedi, Veitch incorporated references to former Jedi Knights and Sith Lords in that sequence. The ones references turned into the basis on which Stories of the Jedi used to be constructed.

Stories of the Jedi is in large part set 4,000 years sooner than the age of the flicks, at a time when the outdated Jedi Order is at conflict with the Sith (who on the time have been depicted as a novel race of sentient extraterrestrial beings). the Pressure quite than the name of the game order they’d later develop into). Later Stories of the Jedi arcs delved additional into the Big name Wars timeline, exploring a duration 5,000 years sooner than the flicks.

Along side co-writer Kevin J. Anderson (who additionally wrote the Jedi Academy trilogy of novels round the similar time), Veitch fleshed out an technology in Big name Wars historical past that enthusiasts knew subsequent to not anything about on the time. And whilst Stories of the Jedi has develop into relatively non-canon, like lots of the Expanded Universe, this can be a sequence that continues to exert a powerful affect on recent tales.

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Stories of the Jedi comics plot

Despite the fact that Stories of the Jedi is ostensibly an anthology sequence that specialize in other characters and conflicts from the Outdated Republic technology, the more than a few tales connect with shape an overarching narrative. The sequence in large part offers with the upward push and fall of Ulic Qel-Droma, a Jedi Knight from Alderaan who turns into corrupted by means of the Darkish Aspect. During the sequence, Qel-Droma fights in opposition to the Sith Empire and falls in love with fellow Jedi Nomi Sunrider, simplest to succumb to the temptation of darkness.

Ulic Qel-Droma is the prototypical fallen Jedi Knight.
Ulic Qel-Droma is the prototype of a fallen Jedi Knight.

Qel-Droma’s tale is deeply intertwined with that of Exar Kun, some other former Jedi who became to the Darkish Aspect. Kun used to be firstly created by means of Anderson for the Jedi Academy trilogy, which finds that his spirit used to be certain to the deserted temple on Yavin IV that in short served as a base for the Insurrection Alliance. Operating in combination, Anderson and Veitch built-in Kun into the full Stories of the Jedi tale, and the comics display the Sith Lord on the top of his energy and expose how he met the tip of him.

Stories of the Jedi proved to be vastly influential for the franchise, setting up key items of Jedi/Sith mythology in a time sooner than the Big name Wars prequels started to hide that floor. Amongst different issues, those comics quilt pivotal conflicts just like the Freedon Nadd Rebellion and the Nice Hyperspace Battle, and have the traditional Sith Empire and the soldiers of Mandalore. Above all, Stories of the Jedi demonstrated that even 1000’s of years sooner than the time of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, probably the most maximum tough Jedi within the galaxy have been suffering in opposition to the affect of the Darkish Aspect.

The Knights of the Outdated Republic connection

You will be questioning the place the Knights of the Outdated Republic video games are compatible in. The title KOTOR has its beginning within the comics, as it’s the subtitle of one of the vital primary plot arcs of Stories of the Jedi. Additionally, the video games are direct sequels to the comedian. The unique sport is about roughly 40 years after the realization of Stories of the Jedi.

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KOTOR is according to the Jedi/Mandalorian struggle presented within the comedian, that includes the Sith Lord Darth Revan and his apprentice Darth Malak. Like Exar Kun and Ulic-Qel Droma sooner than them, Revan and Malak have been outstanding Jedi Knights who fell to the temptation of the darkish facet. The precise causes for his or her shared downfall weren’t published till the discharge of The Outdated Republic, an MMORPG set a number of centuries later. Within the procedure, The Outdated Republic ties in with the mythology of the Sith Empire presented in Stories of the Jedi.

Long before Darth Maul, Exar Kun showed the power of a double-bladed lightsaber.
Lengthy sooner than Darth Maul, Exar Kun displayed the ability of a double-bladed lightsaber.

KOTOR places avid gamers within the sneakers of an amnesiac protagonist and a bunch of Jedi, smugglers, Mandalorians, and an especially bad-tempered droid looking to forestall Malak from unleashing one of the vital deadliest superweapons within the galaxy. The sequel, set a decade later, facilities on a disgraced Jedi combating a triumvirate of upstart Sith Lords.

Despite the fact that the KOTOR video games are sequels to Stories of the Jedi, there are some narrative discrepancies between the 2. Stories of the Jedi used to be revealed sooner than the Big name Wars prequels materialized, whilst KOTOR got here a 12 months after Episode II used to be launched. When Stories of the Jedi used to be revealed, George Lucas hadn’t established fundamental main points like the concept that “Darth” is an honorific followed by means of all Sith Lords, no longer simply Vader. KOTOR’s generation and structure also are very other from Stories of the Jedi. The latter displays the Big name Wars universe in a a lot more primal and not more technologically complicated state, wherein the affect of western and samurai films is much more obvious.

Do you assume the Stories of the Jedi animated sequence is borrowing extra than simply the title from the unique comics?