Big relief: waived road tax for 63 days of commercial vehicles of Corona period

Bihar News: The Bihar government has waived 63 days of road tax (road tax) during the Corona period, giving great relief to the owners of commercial vehicles. The proposal of the Transport Department was approved in the meeting of Bihar Cabinet on Tuesday. In the cabinet meeting chaired by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, a total of nine proposals have been approved. Also Read – Bihar News: Purnia DM Saheb’s engagement ring was lost in Delhi KFC, this was told on Twitter ..

According to the Cabinet Secretariat Department, in the cabinet meeting, road tax of 63 days period of lockdown for commercial and state registered vehicles has been waived. The cabinet approved the proposal to waive or adjust road tax for a total of 63 days from 6 July to 6 September 2020, giving relief to owners of all commercial passenger and cargo vehicles. Also Read – Son Nishant is richer than Nitish Kumar, Who is the money money in Bihar government, see list

With this, it has been decided to waive the penalty of toll on the toll from 21 March 2020 to 31 March 2021. In the cabinet meeting, the Bal Hriday Yojana has been approved for the free treatment of children born with a hole in the heart under additional health facility for all. Apart from this, the proposal to create 26 posts in the Ayurvedic College and Hospital of Patna has also been approved. Also Read – Bihar News: Nitish Kumar’s statement on RJD leader Shyam Razak’s claim of 17 MLAs – said this …

(Input: IANS)

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