Big Timber Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Big Timber Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

If it were not for the dedication of loggers or lumberjacks all around the globe, it would not have been able to publish this piece on real paper a few decades ago.

The majority of people do not understand much regarding the logging business beyond that one basic fact, however.

Our society is practically made on wood, yet the average person only sees the results of logging when they buy something.

Thank goodness for reality television programmes like ‘Big Timber’ that reveal the history behind the paper and boards you buy at your neighbourhood hardware store.

The 2020 History channel documentary “Big Timber” focuses across the family-owned logging operation led by legendary Canadian lumberjack Kevin Wenstob.

More recently, the first season of the programme gained renewed interest on Netflix, making it to the location’s trending page.

Fans are already speculating as to whether Season 2 of “Big Timber” will include additional footage of the lucrative logging industry.

Big Timber season 2 could be webcast on July 13th, so it can’t get much better than that! Since the first season all the reality TV programme debuted in October 2020, a wide range of fans have undoubtedly been anticipating the show with great interest.

The programme debuted via the Canadian History channel, then on July 2, 2021, it was made available on Netflix. The much anticipated show has arrived with even more anticipation.

The reality programme focuses mostly on a single subject that isn’t very cultural. It is a stand-alone logging operation. Kevin Wenstob, a Canadian lumberjack, and his family are featured in the episode.

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Fans may expect to see a lot of recognisable faces in season two. It is Kevin Winston, the operations manager, without a doubt.

Kevin’s squad also includes his son as the technician Erik Wenstob. Sarah Fleming, Kevin’s spouse and business partner, plays a significant role in the programme.

Big Timber Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Big Timber’s second season is uncertain, but we are certain it will happen shortly. It might be out later this year, in 2023, or perhaps sooner.

While shooting both the initial and subsequent seasons, they had to take a few days off. According to sources, the November release date for Big Timber’s second season.

Big Timber Season 2 Cast

  • Kevin Wenstob – big boss
  • Sarah Fleming – mill boss
  • Erik Wenstob – head mechanic
  • Coleman Willner – Head Sawyer
  • “Firewood” John Brebber – logger
  • Tyler Lindsay – junior mechanic
  • Glen Fox – log buyer
  • Shanise – problem solver
  • Kevin G – yarder

Big Timber Season 2 Trailer

Big Timber Season 2 Plot

The boards and papers we hastily grab from the closest hardware store help us to comprehend the backstory, thanks to programmes like Big Timber.

We saw Grammy Jean’s passing at the season premiere. This implies that there will be significant change.

But all we are able to convey is that the narrative is not over yet. Since this is among the most watched Netflix series, we have great expectations.

The whole first season of “Big Timber” was shot on Vancouver Island, Canada, in the same location. It’s unclear if the Wenstobs would contemplate migrating in the case of a “Big Timber” Season 2.

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Although it would be simple for the typical reality programme to locate new settings for several seasons, the logging industry has significant limitations that are not applicable to different shows.

That alone does not exclude “Big Timber” Season 2 from going place somewhere. Other reality television shows, like “Gold Rush,” which likewise revolve on locating and establishing claims on fresh parcels of property, are able to switch sites between seasons.

The Wenstobs have not made any announcements on any new territory they may have taken control of outside of their usual hunting areas.

Fans may have to wait till Season 2’s release date is a little closer before learning any fresh information regarding the setting of the show.

The season finale opens with Kevin, Eric, with Jake inspecting the boat’s safety at Alberni Inlet before setting off on the lengthy hunt.

However, they discovered a break in the transom, and water began to leak into the bull as a result.

However, Kevin couldn’t afford to possess any issues since he needed to document salvage from this yacht in order to pay his $1,000,000 government fine.

He made sure the crack was okay since the leak had merely foamed over. The gang chooses to go and take a chance.

Coleman joins the team to help with log salvage, and together they search for valuable woods such red cedar.

When they failed to locate any, they moved on to the next bay where they discovered a 40-foot cedar valued at $1000. Coleman finds a tremendous windfall measuring 80 feet that might be worth $15 million.

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But this would be a challenging pull. The fissure widens as they remove the log. When they tried it, the wood started to shake, but the gap widened. They are successful, and they move the secured logs to a remote bay.

The next day, Kevin purchases a 60-inch luxury boat while still in debt from a government website.

Sarah, who is dismayed by Kevin’s careless action, hears the news from him. She still has faith in him, however, since his business proposals are always strong.