Big update on Covid Vaccine – Corona vaccine is coming soon! Moderna stated the price …


Covid Vaccine Latest Updates: In the midst of the ongoing Corona crisis, all kinds of research is going on regarding its vaccine (Covid Vaccine). Many vaccines in India are in different stages of testing. It is expected that soon an effective and safe vaccine for Corona will come. The government has also prepared a roadmap to take the vaccine to every citizen of the country in a short time. At the same time, the trial of Kovid vaccine is going on in many countries of the world. Also Read – Pfizer to make 5 million doses of corona vaccine in next month, sought emergency approval

On the other hand, the American pharma company Moderna has said that for its Corona Virus Vaccine (Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine), governments will have to pay a dose of 25 (about 1800 rupees) to 37 (2800 rupees). CEO of the company, Stephan Bainsell has given this information. With this, he has said that the price of the vaccine will be equal to the flu shot which comes between 10 and 50 dollars. Also Read – COVID Vaccine Will Available Soon: Health Minister’s announcement – Corona vaccine to come soon, to be given first

Let us know that the European commission for the vaccine wants to deal with Moderna. Deals are being made for the purchase of less than $ 25 for millions of doses. Bainsall has said that nothing final has been done yet, but talks are on. Also Read – Biden’s charge – Trump not leaving power, because of this Kovid-19 vaccine will be delayed

Earlier Moderna reported that her vaccine is 94.5% effective in preventing corona. After all, this announcement was made on the basis of interim data from the stage clinical trial. Apart from Moderna, only Pfizer has given so many successful results. Moderna’s vaccine is also based on the same mRNA technique as the Pfizer vaccine.

On the other hand, Pfizer on Friday formally sought permission from the US regulator for emergency use of its Kfid-19 vaccine (Pfizer Covid Vaccine). Pfizer took this step a few days after the announcement that the Kovid-19 vaccine developed by him and his German partner BioNotech was up to 95 percent effective in treating patients with mild and severe symptoms.

Let me tell you that in India also, 5 vaccines are going through different stages of testing at this time. It has been said on behalf of the central government that the five corona vaccines undergoing trials in the country have the highest expectations. Apart from this, the government is also in touch with vaccine manufacturers of other countries, whose trials are in the final stages.


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