Bihar again be made … CM Nitish’s video launch, saying proudly – we are Bihari

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: The JDU, which has held power in Bihar with the NDA, has tried to serve the public a sample of all-round development of Bihar in the last 15 years and has released a video of its election slogan for this time assembly elections. JDU has urged the people of Bihar through video – ‘Bihar is made again by Nitishji’s dream.’ That is, give Chief Minister Nitish Kumar another chance to give more boom to Bihar. Also Read – LJP’s high-level meeting between Nitish and Tanatani today, Chirag can take a big decision

The video launched by JDU for campaigning in this time assembly elections is of 2 minutes 51 seconds and this video clip has a few lines of the song, which are like – ‘Kadam-Kadam Banaev Ho, Vikas Geet Gaas Ho’, Bihar is made again by Nitishji’s dream. … Take it with everyone, be chalela, laborers, peasants and youth, hug everyone. ‘ Also Read – Big Reveal: RJD is the most tainted leader, this party is the least, know their horoscope

In the beginning of the video, Nitish Kumar is saying- “… with pride we say that we are from Bihar. We are Bihari. ”It has used public expectation, visionary leadership etc. for Nitish Kumar. Some such words – ‘Sabke Nitish’, ‘Nitish again’. Also Read – Do you know how many mobile and internet users are in Bihar, you will be surprised to know ….

Some words have been used in the video for Bihar and its future in this way – ‘Bihar is our pride, rising Bihar, glorious Bihar, better Bihar, new paths of hope, new floors of development, better future.’

The video discusses electricity, roads, bridges, education, infrastructure, AIIMS, self-respecting battalions of women, cycle-dress scheme of school children to water-life-greenery campaign. At the same time, right after the frenzied streetscape, a middle-aged man is saying – ‘It used to take two hours to reach earlier, now it takes 40-45 minutes.’

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