Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Bihar elections will be in a completely new color, know 10 major changes


Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora addressed the press conference today to announce the dates of Bihar assembly elections. During this, he announced the Bihar elections and attracted the attention of many important changes. A sample of the harmony between the pandemic and democratic rights spread in the country will be seen in the Bihar elections. Also read – Supreme Court said – Bihar Assembly will not hear hearing on stopping elections, petition dismissed

This will be the first such assembly election during the epidemic, in which much is going to look changed than before. The Election Commissioner said that the elections are definitely taking place in the midst of the corona epidemic but the citizens of the elections have democratic rights. Bihar Assembly election 2020 is the world’s largest election at the time of Corona. Explain that the total voters in Bihar are 7 crore 79 lakh in Bihar out of which 3 million 39 lakh female voters and 3 crore 79 lakh male voters. Also Read – Bihar Assembly Election Date 2020: First phase elections to be held on October 1, results will come in November

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1- Keeping the Corona in view of Bihar Assembly elections, only one thousand voters will be able to cast their votes at a booth. That is, the number of polling stations will be increased in this assembly election, many polling stations will be built in villages with large population.

2- Several types of election campaigns have also been banned in the Bihar Assembly 2020 elections. During the election campaign more than 5 people will not be able to campaign in the houses. During the election campaign, people will have to follow the rules of social distancing.

3- Due to the spread of epidemic and social distancing in the country, people do not have to face difficulties at the polling station, due to which the voting time has been extended by 1 hour. That is, the polling which was earlier from 7 am to 5 pm will be held till 6 in the evening, so that everyone’s votes can be ensured.

4- Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said that it is everyone’s right to vote in a democracy. In such a situation, patients suffering from corona will also be able to vote. But the arrangements and methods for that will be slightly different. Corona-positive patients can come to vote in the last one hour.

5- During the Bihar Assembly elections, 46 lakh masks and 6 lakh face shields have been arranged. These will be used during polling stations and election related work.

6- If the voter has fever or sees signs of corona in it, then he will be barred from voting during that time, but voting will be arranged for such people in the last hours.

7- Assembly elections in Bihar will be held in three phases.

8- Action will be taken by the Election Commission on misuse of social media during campaigning in Bihar assembly elections. Social media platforms will also take care and follow the election rules.

9- In this assembly election, candidates can also fill their nomination online, for this, they will not need to go to the Election Commission office to fill the nomination.

10- Such candidates who have any criminal case filed, they will follow the rules and guidelines issued by the Supreme Court.


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