Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Chandrika Roy of Lalu to join JDU, will contest from here


Bihar Assembly Election 2020: There is news about Chandrika Rai, Samadhi of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, that he is going to join JDU soon and will announce to contest elections from Parsa assembly constituency. And former Bihar Chief Minister Daroga Prasad Rai used to try his hand in the election arena. In those days, this seat used to be VIP. Also Read – Bihar Politics: Important meeting of LJP today, can give big blow to Nitish government

Now Chandrika Rai will challenge Lalu with Parsa. Let me tell you that before Chandrika Rai Lalu became his partner, his party, RJD, was considered to be strong. After the marriage, the situation changed and his daughter got married to Lalu’s son, but became a friend, but after the daughter-son-in-law, it deteriorated again that now in the politics too, they will fight against him. Also Read – Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Nitish love in JDU-LJP, Tu-tu, Main-me, Manjhi again

Lalu Prasad’s elder son Tejapratap Yadav was married to Chandrika Rai’s daughter Aishwarya Rai in May 1918 and only after five months of marriage, in November, Tej Pratap decided to divorce Aishwarya and filed for divorce in court. After that the relationship deteriorated and Aishwarya also filed a torture case against Tej Pratap, mother-in-law Rabri Devi and Misa Bharti. Also Read – Bihar News: Approach road of bridge overflowed in Bihar before CM Nitish’s inauguration

After much controversy, on December 16 last year, Aishwarya came to her maternal home from Rabri Devi’s residence. After this incident, Chandrika Rai’s distance with Lalu Prasad increased not only from RJD and he also accused the Lalu family of persecuting their daughter and said ill about Rabri Devi.

He is currently an MLA from RJD’s Parsa, but stays away from every party activity. His political rival Chhote Lal Rai has broken away from JDU and recently accepted RJD membership, while Dr Karishma Rai, daughter of Chandrika Rai’s elder brother Vidhanchand Rai, has also joined RJD.

Chandrika Rai took over the political fort of her father from Parsa Vidhan Sabha. Initially he became an MLA on Congress ticket in 1985 like his father Daroga Rai, but in 1990 he joined Lalu Prasad’s Janata Dal and in 2005 and 2010 elections Chandrika Rai was defeated by JDU’s Chhotalal Rai but Chandrika Rai again won in 2015.


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