Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Discussion of Deputy Chairman Harivansh’s tea and PM Narendra Modi, amazing formula of victory in Bihar election

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Bihar Assembly Electon 2020 is going to be held soon. Before this, a political drama is being seen in the capital Delhi. After the passage of 2 bills related to farmers, a total of 8 MPs were suspended from the proceedings of the House due to the ruckus in the Rajya Sabha. In protest against this, 8 suspended MPs woke up in the park outside the House and lodged a protest demonstration. During this time, the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh reached Parliament near Gandhi statue located outside Parliament, he also took tea with him. He himself gave tea to MPs with his own hands. However, according to the news, the suspended MPs refused to drink tea during this period. Also Read – Opposition leaders walkout from Rajya Sabha, lawmakers boycott proceedings until suspension ends

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also praised this work of Harivansh. Prime Minister Modi (PM Modi) tweeted one after the other, saying, ‘Everyone saw how they were humiliated, attacked and then the same people protested against them in the temple of democracy two days ago. Sat down But you will enjoy that today, Harivansh ji made the same people drink tea from his house in the morning. Also Read – In praise of Harivansh, PM Modi tweeted- ‘Those who have insulted them, only drink tea, once again from the soil of Bihar …’

He further wrote, ‘It shows the generosity and greatness of Harivansh ji. What else can be a beautiful message for democracy. I congratulate them a lot for this. In his next tweet, he wrote, “The land of Bihar had taught democracy to the entire world centuries ago. Today, what Mr. Harivansh Ji did to become representative of democracy from the land of Bihar, is going to inspire and delight every democracy lover. Also Read – Suspended MPs sat on dharna all night, then reached tea with Deputy Chairman Harivansh

Please tell that in this case, Deputy Chairman Harivansh Singh has written a letter to the Chairman. In the letter, he told the Chairman that he was hurt by the behavior of the MPs. In this case, he will keep a day’s fast. In a letter to the President and the Vice President, Harivansh said that he was hurt by the uproar in the House and could not even sleep throughout the night. He further wrote, ‘I feel that I should fast for a day for the humiliating behavior that happened to me on the decent bench of the Upper House. Perhaps a sense of self-realization is awakened within the honorable members of my fasting in this manner. ‘

Discussion on Bihar elections and tea

The kind of movement that was done in the House and somewhere was unpardonable, undemocratic and unparliamentary. But the thing to note is that the whole issue is now seen moving away from the agricultural bill and towards the insult of the Deputy Chairman Harivansh. Its political connection can be from Bihar assembly elections. Because it is worth noting that on the very next morning of what happened in the Rajya Sabha, Harivansh Singh arrives to give tea to the suspended MPs. During this time, suspended MPs refuse to drink tea, soon after this a tweet by Prime Minister Narendra Modi linking Bihar Asmita. Shortly after this tweet, Deputy Chairman Harivansh Singh writes a letter to the chairman and tells that he is going on a day’s fast. Because of the kind of behavior that happened to him in the house, he is in self-aggression and has not been able to sleep all night.

Let me tell you that when PM Modi tweeted in praise of the Deputy Chairman, during this, he mentioned Bihar, that the land of Bihar had taught the whole world to democracy centuries ago. Today, what Mr. Harivansh Ji did to become representative of democracy from the land of Bihar, is going to inspire and delight every democracy lover. He showed that by adding Bihari Asmita, the Deputy Chairman is a Rajya Sabha MP of Janata Dal United (JDU) from Bihar. In such a situation, the leader of Bihar has been insulted by the opposition. Somewhere in Bihar’s election strategy, now this exercise has also started. Let us tell you that the history of BJP’s discussion on tea has been very old. During the elections in 2014, Mani Shankar Aiyar used the word chaiwala, after which chaiwala became an election slogan. At the same time, the PM introduced himself as a tea seller. But now that Bihar elections are there, it would be impossible to win without issues. For this reason, somewhere its link seems to be related to Bihar assembly elections. This directly means the BJP + allies and the opposition on one side.

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