Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Election Commission has decided the spending amount of the candidates, know how much …

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: The Election Commission has fixed the spending limit of the candidates for the assembly elections in Bihar, according to which no candidate can spend more than ten thousand rupees in cash and more than 28 lakhs during the election campaign. The Election Commission has issued guidelines to the Election Officers of all districts regarding the amount to be spent by the candidates in campaigning. For this, air intelligence unit of income tax will be deployed at Gaya and Patna Airport. Also Read – Government construction open pole, bridge built in Bihar at a cost of crores before inauguration

In view of the situation of Corona in Bihar, special vigilance will be taken in the upcoming assembly elections. At the end of the day, voters who have been infected with the corona or have been exposed to the infection before and will be fine. The list of voters who have been infected and previously infected with Corona will remain at separate polling stations. This will be done so that no one is at risk of infection with corona virus from the post kovid. Also Read – PM Modi to inaugurate Kosi rail bridge, gift to Bihar before assembly elections

Everything will be changed in this time assembly elections. All the people who have been found infected with Corona so far are being marked as legislative and information is being given to the concerned Election Officer and other officials. Also Read – precedent: villagers in Gaya of Dasaratha Manjhi, clove Bhuyan gathered shramdaan, donated and made a culvert

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