Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Lalu’s ‘ear’ becomes Tejashwi’s ‘shoulder’, politics will change in Bihar!

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: The campaigning for the second phase of Bihar assembly election is in full swing. The election campaign so far has surprised all the pundits of politics. All the experts were assuming that the BJP-JDU alliance has an edge in Bihar in every respect. In such a situation, there is nothing surprising in the election. Also Read – Bihar Assembly Election 2020: NDA crack! After PM Modi, Nitish also adopted ‘Ekla Chalo’ policy

But in the middle elections, the atmosphere of Bihar has changed. During the election campaign, the way the crowd is gathering in the meetings of Tejashwi, the young leader of RJD and son of Lalu Yadav, it can be said that the contest is not one sided. Within a few days of the election campaign started in the state, the whole atmosphere seems to have changed. Tejaswi has managed to make unemployment a major issue in the state. We are not saying this. Not only the RJD, the same issue is being discussed in the meetings of the leaders of the NDA. Also Read – Slippers thrown at Nitish Kumar’s helicopter for rallying, shouting slogans, detained

Whatever it is, we are not going to talk about a person, but on Lalu’s son Tejashwi Yadav’s biggest support in the absence of his father. Yes .. We are talking about veteran socialist leader Jagadanand Singh. Jagdanand Singh has been a very close leader of the Lalu family called First Family of Bihar. He is currently the state president of RJD. Also Read – Bihar Election: First phase of campaigning stopped, voting on 71 seats on Wednesday

In fact, in November last year, when the RJD made a Rajput leader Jagadanand Singh the state president, since then, the political experts realized that Tejashwi, who is going to contest the election for the second time without Lalu, has found a guide. According to experts, 74-year-old Jagdanand was given the chair of State as per Lalu Yadav’s wishes. This was the first time in the RJD’s 23-year history that an upper caste leader was given this position. With this an arrow has been tried to make many marks.

Popularly known as Jagadananda Babu, these socialist leaders have been founding members of the RJD. He has been elected MLA from Ramgarh Assembly of Central Bihar many times. He continued to hold the post of minister under the rule of Lalu-Rabri. In 2009, Jagdanand Babu reached the Lok Sabha from Buxar seat on RJD ticket. He defeated veteran BJP leader Munni Chaubey.

It is said that Jagdanand Singh is a big leader of Rajput society in central Bihar. He has a significant influence in this area. But more than that, Jagadanand Babu is among the few people who have a deep connection with the Lalu family.

Jagdanand Singh, despite being a big leader, always remained calm. He confined himself to the politics of the state, apart from the veteran Rajput leader of the RJD, Raghuvansh Prasad Singh. Jagadanand Singh’s biggest thing was that he never challenged Lalu Prasad Yadav’s leadership. It is also said that in 1997, when Lalu Yadav had to leave power due to the fodder scam, it was Jagadanand Singh who suggested Rabri Devi to be the CM.

Not only this, in 2010 also Jagadanand Singh once proved how honest he is to the Lalu family. In fact, in the 2010 assembly elections, his own son Sudhakar Singh went to the polls on a BJP ticket from Ramgarh seat. In that election, Jagdanand Singh campaigned against the son to ensure the victory of the official RJD candidate. Now it is a different matter that this time Sudhakar Singh is contesting on RJD ticket. That too from Ramgarh.

Those keeping a close watch on Bihari’s politics say that Jagadanand Singh may not have a hold on the whole of Bihar, but he is a settled strategist. He has always been conscious of party discipline. In such a situation, things have changed a lot since he took over the state RJD. The RJD is looking more organized in this election than before. He talks quite logically and his opponents also believe that no one can win in argument with Jagadanand Babu. Along with this, the party workers also know that Jagadanand Babu has got power from ‘Up’. Therefore, all the leaders, big and small, respect the party.

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