Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Nitish love of JJU-LJP, Tu-tu, Main-me, Manjhi again

Bihar Politics: The preparations for the assembly elections in Bihar are going on loudly and at the same time, the opposition in both the ruling and opposition coalitions is also going on. Whereas there is a dispute about leadership in the Grand Alliance, all is not visible even in the NDA NDA. The reason is the ongoing tension between JDU JDU and LJP LJP. In the midst of all this Jitan Ram Manjhi is also sitting with his Dalit card and tying the bridge to praise JDU, but he has not got the green signal from anywhere. Also Read – Good news: CM Nitish of Bihar can give big gift to employed teachers on August 15

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LJP President Chirag Paswan is openly criticizing the work done by the JDU in its own coalition and especially the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Sarkar. Angry JDU leaders are also responding to Chirag in their own language. Also Read – Development failed in Bihar, then tried to cross electoral waters with the help of Sushant: Shiv Sena

The latest dispute between JDU and LJP is going on to increase the number of Corona investigations. On this, Chirag Paswan tweeted that the number of corona investigations in the state needs to be increased. PM Modi has also intervened, so now there is confidence that the Bihar government will increase the number of investigations. On this tweet, JDU MP Lalan Singh was infuriated and called Chirag Paswan the name of Surdas and Kalidas.

The JDU leader said that Kalidas was cutting the branch on which he was sitting and Chirag is also doing something similar. He is playing the role of the opposition. He also said that there is a saying ‘blasphemy nire rakhiye aangan kuti chhaye’. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar does not pay attention to these things, he does his work. In response to this statement of Lallan Singh, LJP also called Lallan Singh as Surdas and Kalidas.

LJP spokesman Ashraf Ansari said that Lalan Singh does not see anything properly. Because during the meeting held in Munger on the corona virus in the past, Lallan Singh himself had said that the pace of investigation was decreasing and today it is being rejected. He said that PM Modi has also expressed concern about the Corona investigation in Bihar, Chirag Paswan is expressing his concern with the Prime Minister’s concern, but JDU does not understand this.

Ashraf said that the JDU should understand that the LJP is in the central government because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP, not because of the JDU. branch.

Jitan Ram Manjhi’s will we get entry in NDA!

While Chirag Paswan is speaking against Nitish Kumar, Jitan Ram Manjhi’s party Hindustani Awam Morcha has stood in support of Nitish Kumar. Party spokesman Danish Rizwan has fiercely attacked Chirag Paswan, while praising Nitish Kumar openly. Danish Rizwan said that LJP is doing major politics even in times of calamity. They now leave their childish activities. Nitish Kumar is fiercely competing with Corona. Chirag should rein in his tongue instead of criticizing Nitish Kumar.

In this way, suddenly Manjhi’s love for Nitish Kumar is not a political move. On this, Danish Rizwan said that politics is a game of possibilities, who knows when it should happen?

Search for stamps on political board in Bihar

We are telling this statement of the spokesperson and Chirag’s attitude that no one can know which form of alliance will take place in Bihar. LJP and we both have a lot of importance for the Dalit card in Bihar and both are engaged in making their place. In such a situation, many new political bets will be seen in the coming days in Bihar.

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