Bihar Election 2020: All’s well that ends well … voting continues, 10 will be announced, Nitish-Tejaswi, or ….


Bihar Election 2020: Votes are being cast for the last phase in Bihar on November 7. People queuing at polling stations have been waiting for their turn since morning. While JD (U), BJP, Congress and RJD put in a lot of effort for the final phase, the veteran leaders of smaller alliances have also worked hard for this phase. It is said that all is well for the end… Today, when the elections are over, whose government will be formed in Bihar, the prediction will start about it. On whose head the public ties Sehra on 10 November, it will be awaited. Also Read – Bihar Election 2020: Awesome Nitish’s minister goes to Hanumanji’s shelter before voting

Nitish will be elder brother if he wins, otherwise…. Also Read – Bihar Election 2020: Mahagathbandhan or AIMIM in Seemanchal, Asaduddin Owaisi will have litmus test today

Nitish Kumar’s JDU has been playing the role of BJP’s elder brother in Bihar’s politics and this time also BJP has made him the CM candidate. This time BJP 121 and JD (U) has contested 122 seats to maintain the status of elder brother in NDA. But, if this time the JD (U) seats are reduced from the BJP and perhaps even the party lags behind the RJD, then it is bound to affect Nitish Kumar’s political dominance in the state. Also Read – Bihar Election 2020: Bihar won Mithilanchal-Seemanchal;

This time the lack of coordination between the BJP-JDU is clearly visible. Especially, the talk of Nitish Kumar retiring may also have an impact on the election. If Nitish’s JDU cannot maintain its image, then what will be the BJP’s next step, it will also be watched.

The lamp factor will also have an effect

LJP’s ongoing resentment from Nitish and sharp statements of Chirag Paswan in the NDA have also not been true for the NDA alliance. Although the LJP does not have such a large support base in Bihar, but looking at the crowds at Chirag Paswan’s election meetings, the NDA is definitely looking for some difficulty. Chirag’s BJP love and direct attack against Chief Minister Nitish may spoil the electoral arithmetic of the BJP for JDU. The effect of which can be seen on the election result.

How much will Tejaswi’s hard work strengthen the Grand Alliance

Talking of Rashtriya Janata Dal in this time elections, without Lalu, this time the command of Bihar is in the hands of his younger son Tejashwi Yadav, he is the CM face of the Grand Alliance. For this reason, Tejashwi has worked hard in elections this time. He has done public meetings in one day till 15-17. Many of his videos have gone viral, in which Tejashwi Yadav has been seen getting off the helicopter and running to address and escaping from the people after the address, reaching the helicopter several times.

In this election, Tejashwi has maintained equal coordination with the top leaders of the Congress and the Left. Tejaswi Yadav, while learning a lesson from the Lok Sabha elections, has also paid attention to the other parties of the alliance this time and the Mahagathbandan has shown strength this time. The votes of the public will decide.


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