Bihar Election 2020 Results: Bihar’s future hinges on less than 50 lakh votes, there is a difference of less than 200 votes in these seats

Bihar Vidhan Sabha Election 2020 Results / Vote Counting: The NDA has once again come very close to forming the government in the Bihar Assembly elections. But the Grand Alliance is also not far behind. In the midst of a thorn contest, less than 50 lakh votes have been left. After counting these votes, the political future of the remaining candidates and the future of Bihar will be decided. However, the final results will be announced in some time and the future of Bihar’s condition and direction will be decided for 5 years. Also Read – Election Commission Press Confrence: Results of 223 seats declared, counting on 20 seats continues

Talking about counting of votes at 8 pm, the counting of 50 lakh votes was left. In such a situation, by 9 pm, 91 per cent of the votes have been counted and by 9.40 pm the results of 115 seats have also been declared. Now, less than 50 lakh votes will decide the future of Bihar and the future of other political parties. Also Read – Bihar Election 2020 Result: RJD raised questions on the counting of votes, BJP said – Khesiani cat pillar ….

On the other hand, if the gap between votes in some seats is also not special. The difference of votes in the 2 seats is less than 200. There are less than 500 votes in 6 seats. The difference of votes in 6 seats is less than 1000. The difference of votes in 13 seats is less than 2000. The difference of votes in 19 seats is less than 3000 and in 37 seats the difference of votes is less than 5000. In such a situation, which party is going to form the government, it will be decided in no time. Also Read – NDA towards absolute majority in Bihar, PM Modi claimed victory, said – New decade will be of Bihar