Bihar Election 2020: Small packet-big blast, this small alliance will spoil electoral mathematics in Bihar


Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Election campaign is going on with full vigor regarding Bihar assembly elections. Now the color of elections in Bihar is looking very bright and all the parties have given full strength. PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi are also reaching Bihar to campaign. Big rallies are being held. Neither party is leaving any stone unturned to surround each other. In such a situation, even small alliances are putting their heel and head joint. In this way, these small coalitions can spoil electoral mathematics. Also Read – Tejashwi’s tough attitude – open challenge to Nitish, asked BJP a sharp question, tell who is the face of CM

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Talking about the Bihar elections this time, if anyone can see the most aggressive attitude after big alliances, JDU-BJP and RJD-Congress alliance then it is the Grand Democratic Secular Front. The reason for this is that if the caste equations of the parties involved in the front are combined, then even if the front seats are not won, the electoral game can definitely spoil. Also Read – BJP leader Giriraj Singh taunted Chirag, told Male – He is a neck-cutting party

Mayawati has said – Upendra Kushwaha will become CM

This secular front led by Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP) includes many smaller parties including Mayawati’s BSP (BSP) and Owaisi’s AIMIM. Statistics show that these parties contest separately elections, so it does not prove to be very effective, but when the votes of many small parties get together, then its effect increases.

BSP chief Mayawati, who arrived to campaign for this alliance, attacked both the big alliances strongly on Friday and said that her alliance leader RLSP chief Upendra Kushwaha would become CM.

Know the electoral mathematics of this alliance

Talking about RLSP, it had fielded candidates for 23 seats in the alliance with BJP in the 2015 election, winning two of these seats. But in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, RLSP fought with the Grand Alliance, but it could not win any seats. In such a situation, if the party were to fight alone, it would have been difficult for the RLSP to fight this time.

Talking about AIMIM, it had just got 0.25 percent votes in the last election. But this time the BSP is also included in the secular front. By the way, the BSP got only two percent votes in the year 2015. In such a case, if the vote bank of all these parties is added, it can prove to be decisive in some seats. The other big thing is that if the Dalits and other votes get along with the Muslims on these seats, then victory can happen.

The reason for this is that in the four districts of Seemanchal – Kishanganj, Katihar, Araria and Purnia, forty seats have a good number of minority voters and Kishanganj has almost seventy percent Muslim voters. In such a situation, if an atmosphere is created in favor of any candidate of Secular Front, then he can remove the seat.


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