Bihar Election: ‘Chhote Sarkar’ of Bihar, who is in jail, has quadrupled day and night, know

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: From Mokama seat in Patna district, RJD has given ticket to Bahubali leader Anant Singh, who is called small government of Bihar. Anant Singh is an MLA from this seat for the last four times. Anant Singh contested the assembly elections in 2015 as an independent. Last time too, he was in jail at the time of nomination and this time also he has filed his nomination out of jail. Also Read – Bihar Election: Gupteshwar Pandey said this big thing on the ruckus, did not get ticket from JDU

According to the affidavit that he has filed at the time of nomination, along with his property, the criminal cases filed on him have also increased continuously. Let us know that ever since Anant Singh became MLA, his wealth has been steadily increasing. Also Read – Bihar Election: Why is Nitish kindly given to Manju Verma, who came after eating the air of jail, gave ticket

In 2005, Anant Singh contested for the first time and at that time his wealth was Rs 3.40 lakh, which increased to Rs 38.84 lakh in 2010. Then in 2015, the affidavit that he filed, his assets increased to Rs 27.99 crore and in 2020 it has increased to Rs 68.55 crore. If calculated in this way, Anant Singh’s wealth has increased 2000 times in 15 years. Also Read – Bihar Election: Raghuvansh Babu did not listen, Tejashwi gave lantern to Rama Singh

Not only this, for the last two years, Anant Singh and his wife Neelam Devi are only paying income tax of more than 1 crore rupees. In 2019-20, Anant Singh filed an ITR of Rs 8.86 lakh and Neelam Devi Rs 1.20 crore, while in 2018-19, Anant Singh paid Rs 8.39 lakh and his wife paid tax of Rs 1.01 crore.

Let me tell you that Neelam Devi, wife of Anant Singh, did not own a single vehicle in 2015 and now has two SUV cars, one of which is Innova Crysta for Rs 25.33 lakh and Fortuner Sigma of Rs 32.52 lakh. Whereas, Anant Singh still has a Scorpio, which costs 6 lakh rupees.

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