Bihar Exit Polls: Tejaswi’s ‘Tej’ shines through ‘this equation’ in Bihar, know how to beat Nitish Kumar!

Bihar Exit Poll Result: Assembly elections in Bihar (Bihar Assembly elections 2020) are over. Votes were cast in three phases on 243 seats. The results will come on 10 November i.e. Tuesday. Before this, there seems to be a change in Exit Polls in Bihar. This time the people of Bihar have decided to change the government. Although it belongs to the Bihar Exit Polls. But it seems clear that the magic of Tejashwi Yadav (RJD’s young leader) has gone out in the election. Tejashwi is now seen becoming the next Chief Minister of Bihar. Also Read – Bihar Exit Poll: Tejashwi Yadav most popular choice for Bihar CM, grand alliance expected to win

Despite all the promises of the NDA, blustering rallies and aggressive election campaigning, there was only one equation (M-Y-Y) in Bihar that worked in favor of Tejashwi that he has now emerged as the next Chief Minister. In Bihar, the Muslim-Yadav-Yuva (M-Y-Y) equation created such an atmosphere that people decided to hand over the throne to Tejashwi. Also Read – Bihar Exit Polls Result 2020 updates: NDA blow in exit poll, Grand Alliance may win up to 138 seats

In almost every exit poll, the grand alliance is getting a clear majority. According to the exit poll, the grand alliance can win 139 to 161 seats in the elections, while the NDA seems to be reduced to only 69 to 91 seats. At the same time, LJP is estimated to get 3 to 5 seats. Also Read – Bihar Election 2020 Result Date: Nearly 58 percent polling in third and final phase, results will be out on November 10

Republic of India
Grand alliance can win 138 seats
NDA can win 91 to 117 seats
The LJP is projected to seat 5 to 8
Others are projected to get 3 to 6 seats.

ABP News – CVoter Survey
104-128 to NDA
108-131 seats to the Grand Alliance
LJP gets 1-3 seats and
Others have been estimated to have 4-8 seats.

Times Now-C Voter Survey
NDA received 116 more in the survey
The grand alliance has been estimated to have 120 seats.
LJP is getting 1 seat and others 6 seats.

India Today-Axis-My-India exit poll
139-161 seats to the Grand Alliance
NDA Co- 69-91
LJP- 3-5
Others – 3-5

Young leader Tejashwi Yadav not only kept Lalu-Rabri away from his poster-banners, but also acknowledged the mistakes of his reign and even apologized to the public. This was the reason why the public’s attitude turned towards him. Initially, there was a confusion on the face of the Chief Minister on behalf of the Grand Alliance, which Tejashwi controlled such that he has emerged as the most popular face of Bihar.

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